Rem Korteweg

Rem Korteweg

Senior research fellow
Areas of expertise 

European external policy, Europe's relations with the UK, geopolitics of energy, TTIP, security and defence policy, Asia, Middle East & North Africa.


Nieuwsuur: Article 50

29 March 2017
Rem Korteweg talks to Nieuwsuur about the triggering of Article 50 and the forthcoming negotiations (from 20.51).

How the Dutch fell out of love with the EU

Carnegie Europe
02 March 2017
After decades of embracing a firmly pro-EU stance, the Dutch appear increasingly out of sorts and disappointed with the European Union.

A quick trade deal with the US after Brexit is less likely than we think

The Spectator
22 February 2017
It is many a Brexiteer’s fantasy: In 2019, shortly after the UK formally leaves the EU, Theresa May welcomes Donald Trump to Downing Street to ink a trade pact.

NPR: British Prime Minister Theresa May outlines plan to leave European Union

17 January 2017
Rem Korteweg speaks to NPR about Theresa May's Brexit speech on the 17 January 2017.
CER podcast: 5 questions on Trade, Trump and TTIP

CER podcast: 5 questions on Trade, Trump and TTIP

16 January 2017
Rem Korteweg explains what trade policy under Trump will look like, if and how European governments can save TTIP, and what to make of a US-UK trade deal.

BNR: Brexit: snelle scheiding niet per se minder pijnlijk

31 December 2016
Rem Korteweg speaks to BNR about the Brexit work ahead for Theresa May and the future of the EU-UK trade relationship. 

VPRO: Wat de Brexit voor onze Britse buren gaat veranderen

23 December 2016
Rem Korteweg talks to VPRO 6 months after the Brexit vote about the obstacles ahead.

It's impossible for the government not to screw up Brexit with only 24 months to seal the deal

The Independent
23 November 2016
From figuring out the negotiations guidelines to drawing up a transition deal, parliament's vote, European Court of Justice reviews and even talks about who gets what wine from the Commission's cellar, drawing up a Brexit deal will take years not months.

CER podcast: What the US elections and Brexit mean for US-EU relations

07 November 2016
CER researchers discuss the impact of the UK’s vote to leave the EU on transatlantic relations and how the future US president will approach Europe.

Een berg Brexit-onderhandelingen: Keep calm and carry on?

Internationale Spectator
19 September 2016
Na de uitslag begint het harde werk. Hoe vorm te geven aan Brexit?