Interview on 'Do Britain’s European ties damage its prosperity?'

Philip Whyte
22 March 2013
Eurosceptics claim that EU membership has become a major drag on the British economy. If Britain left the EU, they argue, it would be freed of irksome continental influences like regulations and protectionism – and would consequently become freer, more prosperous and truer to its globalising nature.

Hugo Brady argues why Britain should remain a key player in EU crime and policing policy

28 November 2012
Britain needs to decide by 2014 whether to remain a central player in EU crime and policing policy. If not, the UK must opt-out of over 130 forms of European co-operation in this area with no guarantee of future access to - amongst other things - the European arrest warrant,...

Charles Grant discusses President Hollande and France

17 November 2012
Charles Grant discusses his recent insight article 'Hollande, the Germans and 'political union'.  ...Before becoming French president, Franҫois Hollande did not appear to take much interest in the EU. However, in his youth he was a protégé of Jacques Delors, the French left’s great European, and his instincts seem...