Share Radio: TTIP deal

Rem Korteweg
09 June 2015
Rem Korteweg talks to Share Radio ahead of the European Parliament vote on TTIP.

Latvian Public Broadcasting: В Риге открываетса саммит "Восточного партнерства"

21 May 2015
Ian Bond speaks to Latvian Public Broadcasting about his low expectations of the Riga Summit (2:18).
В Ригу уже прибыли практически все лидеры. Помимо представителей стран восточного партнёрства, это и главы стран Евросоюза, включая президента Франции Француа Олланда, канцлера Германии Ангелы Меркель и премьера Великобритании Дэвида Кэмерона. Мы выходим на прямую связь с нашим корреспондентом Викторией Терентьевой.

ECFR's the world in 30 minutes: Riga summit

19 May 2015
ECFR's director Mark Leonard speaks to Ian Bond, director of Foreign Policy at the CER, and ECFR Senior Policy Fellow's Kadri Liik and Andrew Wilson. They take a look at the Eastern Partnership summit, which will take place in Riga on the 20-21 May 2015, and whether we can expect any...

France 24: Road to EU renegotiation for re-elected British PM

11 May 2015
Ian Bond speaks to France 24 on how Cameron will seek to re-negotiate with the EU

Radio Fribourg: Cameron's promised EU referendum

07 May 2015
Ian Bond talks to Radio Fribourg on the referendum over the UK and the EU promised by David Cameron (02:50).

ECFR's the world in 30 minutes: British elections

06 May 2015
On 7 May the British public is asked to choose a new government. Mark Leonard, Robin Niblett, Charles Grant, the director of the CER and Ulrike Franke discuss the possible outcomes and what this would mean for the future of British foreign policy and its relationship with the EU.

FT Future of Europe Leadership Series: Will the election decide the future of the UK in Europe?

29 April 2015
Charles Grant speaks at the first panel discussion of the FT Future of Europe Leadership Series organised in co-operation with the CER and King's College London.
Video interview on 'Cleaning the neighbourhood: How the EU can scrub out bad energy policy'

Video interview on 'Cleaning the neighbourhood: How the EU can scrub out bad energy policy'

Stephen Tindale
22 April 2015
Stephen Tindale discusses how the EU should not buy electricity from countries with highly-polluting coal power stations in his most recent policy brief.

Video interview on 'Frozen: The politics and economics of sanctions against Russia'

16 March 2015
Ian Bond and Christian Odendahl discuss Western sanctions against Russia and the findings of their latest policy brief.

Panel discussion on 'Consequences of the Year 2014 for the World Order'

06 March 2015
Ian Bond speaks on the panel, 'Consequences of the Year 2014 for the World Order', in Warsaw in March 2015.

CER/UCL panel discussion on 'Britain & Europe: Pathways to EU reform'

21 January 2015
Panel discussion to launch UCL's 2-year series on Britain & Europe with Wolfgang Blau, Richard Corbett, Deirdre Curtin and Charles Grant.

Video interview on 'Unlocking Europe's capital markets union'

Hugo Dixon
12 December 2014
With Hugo Dixon, editor-at-large Reuters News and the founder of Reuters Breakingviews. 

Video interview on 'What should an energy union cover?'

Nick Butler
11 December 2014
With Nick Butler, visiting professor and chair of the King's Policy Institute at King's College London.

Video interview on international climate negotations

Simon Henry
21 November 2014
Stephen Tindale interviews Simon Henry, chief financial officer of Shell on what his company would like to see agreed in Paris next year.
Stephen Tindale's recent policy brief 'International climate negotiations should focus on money, not targets' can be read here.

Video interview on 'A presence farther east: Can Europe play a strategic role in the Asia-Pacific region?'

Rem Korteweg
25 July 2014
Rem Korteweg discusses his recent policy brief on the Asia-Pacific region.

Video interview on 'The economic consequences of leaving the EU'

09 June 2014
John Springford and Simon Tilford discuss the final report of the CER commission on the UK and the EU single market.

Video interview on 'The consequences of Brexit for the City of London'

08 May 2014
John Springford talks about his and Philip Whyte's latest policy brief 'The consequences of Brexit for the City of London'.

Video interview on the EU, Russia and Ukraine

14 April 2014
Ian Bond discusses Russian moves in Ukraine, and how the EU and NATO should respond.

Video interview on the way ahead for Ukraine

28 February 2014
Video interview with Ian Bond, director for foreign policy at the CER on the way ahead for Ukraine.