Radio France: Mort d'Elizabeth II : royauté et identité britanniques en question

10 September 2022
Le 8 septembre vers 19h30, le palais de Buckingham annonçait qu'Elizabeth II s'était éteinte "paisiblement" dans son château de Balmoral. A 96 ans, après 70 ans de règne, la reine laisse les 56 états du Commonwealth orphelins. Que représente ce royaume de 2.5 milliards d'habitants ? Avec: Charles Grant, Directeur du Centre...

BBC Radio 4: The Briefing Room Can we keep the lights on this winter?

01 September 2022
Elisabetta Cornago a senior research fellow at the CER, joined other experts to speak with David Aaronovitch in The Briefing Room (from 09:28 mins) to speak abour soaring energy costs.

Metina Lista: Evropska četrt 102: Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform

30 August 2022
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke on the Metina Lista podcast about the many futures for the European Union, the state of a relationship between the EU and the UK, is Macron the leader that the Europe needs and what should be a path forward for Western Balkans.

TRT World: What international challenges will the next UK Prime Minister face?

20 July 2022
The conflict in Ukraine, tensions with allies over Brexit and rebuilding international trust in the post-Boris era: Britain’s next Prime Minister will have a lengthy list of international challenges to deal with.

CER event audio: 24th birthday reception with Keir Starmer's speech on Labour's post-Brexit plans

Sir Keir Starmer
04 July 2022
This is an audio recording from the Centre for European Reform's 24th birthday reception, which we celebrated 4 July 2022, at the Irish Embassy in London. Irish Ambassador to the UK, Adrian O'Neill, and our Director, Charles Grant, gave opening remarks, before Sir Keir Starmer, Leader of the UK Labour...

France 24: Bilan de la présidence française de l'UE : une période marquée par la guerre en Ukraine

24 June 2022
Le 30 juin, la France quittera la présidence du Conseil de l’Union européenne, au terme de six mois de travail. Une période marquée par la guerre en Ukraine, ce qui a permis à Emmanuel Macron de prendre le leadership de la réponse européenne mais aussi de faire avancer des dossiers...

NDR: Brexit and the UK economy

22 June 2022
John Springford discusses how Brexit is affecting the British economy with German public radio (from 00:58).

LBC: The economic impact of Brexit

10 June 2022
John Springford discussed the economic impact of Brexit on the UK with Martin Stanford. Short of re-joining the single market or the EU as a whole, John said the UK needs to invest in boosting productivity, improve transport infrastructure & streamline trade policy as much as possible.

ITV News: Brexit cost the UK billions in lost trade and tax revenues, research finds

09 June 2022
Brexit has cost the UK economy billions of pounds in lost trade and tax revenues, according to research shared with ITV News by John Springford at the CER.

DW News: Will Turkish objections stop Finland and Norway joining NATO?

17 May 2022
Interview with Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER. Sweden and Finland have formalized their NATO applications.

Deutsche Welle - Inside Europe podcast: 05.05.2022

05 May 2022
Elisabetta Cornago spoke on Deutsche Welle's 'Inside Europe' podcast about the EU's plans to phase out Russian oil, the consequences of this and the bigger picture of Europe's energy security.

BBC Radio 4 - The Briefing Room: How has the war in Ukraine changed German politics?

Sophia Besch
05 May 2022
Sophia Besch joined others to discuss the biggest shift in German foreign policy since the Cold War (from 15:30 mins). 

LBC: Tonight with Andrew Marr

04 May 2022
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke to Andrew Marr about the break down in relations between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron (from 36.30 mins).

TRT World: Russia attacks Ukraine - Three explosions reported on Monday and Tuesday in Transnistria

28 April 2022
Ian Bond tells TRT World that whilst it is Putin's interests to keep Transnistria destabilised, (region in Moldova that Russia uses as a base for some intelligence operations), with just 1,500 Russian troops there, it's unlikely he'd launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine from that side.

TRT World: NATO leaders meet in Brussels to discuss conflict response

24 March 2022
An emergency summit of NATO leaders is taking place in Brussels. They’re expected to discuss ways of bolstering the alliance’s support for Ukraine, while also looking to put more pressure on Russia. Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER weighs in on possible outcomes.

TRT World: Moscow cracks down on protestors as economic sanctions hit

01 March 2022
The first round of ceasefire talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials ended with no agreements. Another round could happen within days. Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER, joined us from London to discuss further on the Ukraine crisis.

BBC World News: Russian invasion of Ukraine

27 February 2022
Ian Bond spoke to BBC World News on EU sanctions and the big step of paying for lethal equipment to Ukraine and sanctions on Russian banks via SWIFT.

BBC World News: Russia vetoes UN resolution deploring invasion of Ukraine

26 February 2022
Zach Meyers spoke to BBC World News and explained that UK/US were prepared to cut off Russian banks from USD/GBP clearing, devastating Russia's ability to trade internationally - but EU sanctions still allow much trade with Russia.

iNews 24: EU agrees to freeze assets linked to Putin

25 February 2022
Camino Mortera-Martinez says the EU is preparing to welcome an influx of refugees from Ukraine. She emphasises that Poland not asking for COVID passports or even ID cards shows this crisis is truly unprecedented

Newstalk: Reaction on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

25 February 2022
Sobering analysis from Ian Bond on why we have to be honest about the prospects for a Ukrainian insurgency. "The Russians have a record of extraordinary brutality in suppressing insurgencies in Chechnya & Syria - bombing everything that moves and intimidating."