Foreign policy & defence

What future for the European defence fund?

Sophia Besch
28 June 2017
For the European defence fund to succeed, member-states have to agree how to distribute the money, how to finance joint projects, and which capabilities to develop.

Trump, Europe and the Middle East peace process: A path out of the quicksand

23 June 2017
The Middle East peace process is frozen. Rather than attempting to reach an all-or-nothing final agreement, Europe and the US should pursue an incremental approach.
Europe's NATO balancing act

Europe's NATO balancing act

Sophia Besch
24 May 2017
This week in Brussels, Europe's leaders must not only convince President Donald Trump of NATO's value, but also push for Europe's NATO priorities.

Unfreezing TTIP: Why a transatlantic trade pact still makes strategic sense

Rem Korteweg
11 May 2017
Despite concerns about Trump's views on trade, a transatlantic deal would bring foreign policy benefits. If only Europe could get its act together.
No entry: What Trump’s migration policies mean for the EU

No entry: What Trump’s migration policies mean for the EU

10 April 2017
Trump's 'Muslim ban' does not apply to EU citizens. But his migration and security policies may have unexpected effects in Europe.

Bulletin Issue 113 - April/May 2017

Charles Grant, Christian Odendahl, Sophia Besch
20 March 2017

Playing defence

Sophia Besch
20 March 2017
The UK’s contributions to European defence will play a role in Brexit negotiations. But both sides should keep the long-term objective of close co-operation in mind.

The EU, the Eurasian Economic Union and One Belt, One Road: Can they work together?

16 March 2017
The EU, Russia's Eurasian Economic Union and China's One Belt, One Road initiative may become rival spheres of influence. But could they complement each other instead?

Contested space: Eastern Europe between Russia and the EU

09 March 2017
The EU's Eastern Partners are caught between the West, which excludes them from its organisations, and Russia, which tries to force them into its orbit.

Trump, trade and the EU: Two wrongs don't make a right

John Springford, Christian Odendahl
23 February 2017
The US will not gain by resorting to protectionism. If it does so, the EU should stay calm, listen when US criticism is justified, and make its first priority the defence of the WTO process and the rule of law.

The year of Brexit and Trump: Annual report 2016

13 February 2017
The CER's annual report features essays on how Brexit and Trump are changing the world. It also highlights CER research on Brexit, economics, foreign policy and much else.
The EU and Libya: Realism or irrelevance

The EU and Libya: Realism or irrelevance

03 February 2017
Europe cannot view Libya only through the lens of migration. It needs to stabilise the country, brokering a compromise between different factions.

Russia, the West and Eastern Europe: Lenin's long shadow

26 January 2017
Russia's neighbours in Eastern Europe are dogged by their Soviet legacy. Both Russia and the West need better strategies to deal with Europe's contested spaces.

Where will Donald Trump take the world?

20 January 2017
Donald Trump has been sworn in as 45th President of the United States, and delivered a short but savage inaugural address. If he means what he says, he is going to do enormous damage both to the US and to the rest of the world.

EU defence, Brexit and Trump: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sophia Besch
14 December 2016
Brexit and Trump compel European leaders to get serious about EU defence. But a lack of leadership and investment will make sustaining their efforts difficult.

Does 'America First' mean EU defence at last?

Ian Bond, Sophia Besch
22 November 2016
The election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States puts European security at risk.

Trump and Europe: The sun sets on the West

09 November 2016
Donald Trump's election will strain the transatlantic partnership. Populism in Europe and the US will threaten post-Cold War security and prosperity. Europe will need to work with Trump and to hedge against risks.
Not so special: why the US won't help Britain in the Brexit talks

Not so special: Why the US won't help Britain in the Brexit talks

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Rem Korteweg
25 October 2016
The US is watching two of its best friends get a divorce. It is not in its interest to take sides.

Europe and its South China Sea dilemma

Rem Korteweg
19 September 2016
Few issues in today's international politics are as thorny as the disputes in the South China Sea. A recent international ruling complicates matters further. Europe's response has been too weak.