Macroeconomics & the euro

Bulletin issue 2

Issue 2 - 1998

Charles Grant, Ben Hall, Maurice Fraser, Ed Smith
25 September 1998
The unshocking truth about EMU

The unshocking truth about EMU

01 July 1998
It is the commonest of all the economic arguments against EMU, but also the most specious: that any country in the euro-zone which suffered an economic crisis that did not affect its neighbours (an "asymmetric shock"), deprived of the freedom to devalue, would be condemned to a massive rise in unemployment.
Weak dollar strong euro?

Weak dollar strong euro? The international impact of EMU

Fred Bergsten
01 May 1998
The creation of the euro will be the most important development in the evolution of the international monetary system since the widespread adoption of flexible exchange rates in the early 1970s.