Single market, competition & trade

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Europe must get on-message

Gareth Harding
01 February 2002
The EU spends 100 million euro each year on its communications budget, yet is demonstrably failing to 'connect' with Europe's 380 million citizens. Recent polls show that less than half of the EU's voters feel that membership of the 15-state club is a 'good thing',while turnout in European Parliament elections...
The future of EU competition policy

The future of EU competition policy

Edward Bannerman
01 February 2002
This report calls for a radical rethink of how competition policy is run. The author argues for a new 'European Competition Agency' to take the politics out of merger and anti-trust investigations.
Bulletin issue 22

Issue 22 - 2002

Edward Bannerman, Richard Cunningham, Peter Lichtenbaum, Gareth Harding
25 January 2002

The euro comes of age

Alasdair Murray
03 December 2001
A dozen years after the Delors Committee produced a plan for Economic and Monetary Union, the euro finally becomes a reality for 300 million Europeans this January.
Policing global competition

Policing global competition

Edward Bannerman
01 August 2001
The fall-out from the European Commission's decision to veto the proposed $42 billion merger between General Electric and Honeywell shows how competition policy is becoming politicised.
Bulletin issue 19

Issue 19 - 2001

Charles Grant, Edward Bannerman, Matthew Heim
27 July 2001
Workers are entitled to consultation

Workers are entitled to consultation

John Monks
01 June 2001
In the last issue of the CER Bulletin, James Wilson argued against the European Commission's proposal for a directive on employee information and consultation. Sadly, in order to do so, he resorted to many of the crude misrepresentations which are common currency among business opponents of the initiative.

Bulletin issue 18

Issue 18 - 2001

Steven Everts, John Monks, Kori Schake
25 May 2001
The future of European stock markets

The future of European stock markets

Alasdair Murray
04 May 2001
Alasdair Murray look at how the absence of a single market in equities within the EU increases the cost of capital and restricts Europe's ability to close the economic gap with the United States.
Don't legislate on consultation

Don't legislate on consultation

James Wilson
02 April 2001
No-one who runs a business needs to be told that staff are a company's best ambassadors. There is ample evidence that a well-informed and motivated workforce can add value to the bottom line. Proper consultation is vital to ensuring long-term success. But if a firm wanted to improve its workforce...
Bulletin issue 17

Issue 17 - 2001

Edward Bannerman, Richard Corbett, James Wilson
30 March 2001
The Lisbon scorecard: The status of economic reform in Europe

The Lisbon scorecard: The status of economic reform in Europe

Edward Bannerman
02 March 2001
It will be left to future historians to appreciate fully the significance of the Lisbon Summit of March 2000 in the economic evolution of Europe. But it is already possible to argue that its impact could be even more farreaching than that of the euro.
Lisbon strategy

Making Lisbon work in Stockholm

Alasdair Murray
01 February 2001
Even by the standards of the EU's often optimistic policy aspirations, the decade-long economic reform process initiated at the Lisbon summit last March represents an ambitious programme.

The distinctive feature of the Lisbon conclusions is not the pledge of EU leaders to create "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge...
Bulletin issue 16

Issue 16 - 2001

Edward Bannerman, Carl Bildt, Alasdair Murray
26 January 2001
Economic policy co-ordination in the eurozone

Economic policy co-ordination in the eurozone: What has been achieved? What should be done?

Pierre Jacquet and Jean Pisani-Ferry
05 January 2001
Now that the euro has stabilised, Greece has joined EMU and the EU has committed itself to enlargement, the time is right to consider these critical issues of economic governance.
The "open method of co-ordination"

The "open method of co-ordination": Innovation or talking shop?

Kirsty Hughes
01 December 2000
At the '' Summit AT Lisbon in March 2000, the EU set itself the strategic goal of creating full employment in a competitive and inclusive knowledge-based economy.
Bulletin issue 21

Issue 21 - 2001

Andrew Cottey, Steven Everts, Alasdair Murray
24 November 2000
The EU and world trade

The EU and world trade

Richard Cunningham, Peter Lichtenbaum, Julie Wolf
08 September 2000
The paradox of trade policy is that, at a time when political leaders in most parts of the world have accepted the intellectual case for trade liberalisation more thoroughly than ever before, public opposition to free trade is on the rise.
Reforming the euro club

Reforming the euro club

Alasdair Murray
01 August 2000
And so farewell the euro-11. In future, the adhoc group of eurozone finance ministers will be known as the Euro Group, its powers beefed up along the lines dictated by the French government.
The EU and world trade

The EU and world trade

Julie Wolf
01 August 2000
The collapse of the Seattle meeting of the World Trade Organisation in December 1999 was a blow to the EU, which had first proposed the idea of a "millennium round" of trade liberalisation.