Polarized Greece girds for crucial election

Polarised Greece girds for crucial election

Press quote (Market Watch)
Stephen Tindale
15 June 2012

"Spain now having been bailed out without the very stringent austerity measures that Greece, Ireland and other bailed-out countries were forced to accept has complicated the issue in Greece, making it more likely that the anti austerity party will win," CER's Stephen Tindale added. He also said that Syriza has not been clear about what it actually wants. "They come across more as a campaign group than as a potential leadership ... Financial markets will be pretty unhappy if Syriza forms a government, not particularly because it throws [Greece's] bailout into turmoil but because it isn't clear about what it stands for." A Syriza victory, Tindale said, is the most daunting scenario for the rest of Europe because the results would be unpredictable.