In the Press - Brexit must-read: Single market in goods will come at a price for Brexit Britain

20 June 2018
Politico London Playbook
This op-ed in the FT by the well-informed director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, Charles Grant, predicts Theresa May is about to request customs union membership for UK goods, but not services. He warns Europe may not be open to the idea, and that the plan may trigger a Cabinet resignation or two. Worth your time.

In the Press - Single market in goods will come at a price

20 June 2018
Financial Times
“For now, the odd couple of Mr Johnson and Mr Barnier is working to keep Britain out of the single market for goods. But a fightback may be approaching in both Britain and other EU countries from those who are prepared to compromise on legal principles and wish to maximise future trade.” (Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, in the FT).

In the Press - Brexit briefing: Barnier talks tough on security

19 June 2018
Financial Times
The challenges facing Britain on justice and home affairs have been comprehensively set out in a paper by Camino Mortera-Martinez, of the Centre for European Reform think-tank. She says that there are three broad areas where Britain wants things to stay the same. These are: access to EU law enforcement databases, EU measures to support practical law enforcement co-operation such as the European Arrest Warrant, and co-operation through EU agencies such as Europol and Eurojust.

In the Press - Germany's Merkel faces political crisis over migrant policy

15 June 2018
NBC News
Sophia Besch, a research fellow at the CER think-tank, said Merkel has become more isolated on the European stage but her patience and experience could ensure her political survival. “She is fighting various fires in Europe. She has the Dutch and the northern and Scandinavian countries on her side, but she is certainly not strong enough to be called the undisputed leader of Europe as she might have been," Besch added. “She’s great at surviving these things, in part because of her calm approach, which is in stark contrast to the posturing in the CSU and the ‘Merkel must go’ faction of the CDU."

In the Press - No panaCeta

13 June 2018
Progress online
Sam Lowe, trade expert at the Centre for European Reform, has collated estimates for other potential EU agreements. The largest is for Japan, with an upper estimate of 0.76 per cent of GDP. But as he notes the majority of these gains are forecast in the areas of food, feed, and processed food, with much less coming from services. This is also the most optimistic forecast, the least optimistic has gains of 0.39 per cent. Forecasts for an EU-US agreement, unlikely as that now seems, come in around halfway between Japan and Canada.

In the Press - May udfordrer oprørere i kamp om brexit

12 June 2018
Ønsket om medlemskab af det indre marked får May med stor sandsynlighed stemt ned, for både Det Konservative Parti og Labour er imod, understreger Sam Lowe, research fellow ved den EU-venlige tænketank Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Brexit briefing: MPs have been given a say on Brexit — they should use it

12 June 2018
Financial Times
“When MPs vote on Tuesday they should stick to their guns and pass the Lords amendment. It gives them an opportunity to transform parliament from a bystander into an active player in the Brexit talks,” wrote Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform in The Times.

In the Press - China, EU should work together for better globalization: Envoy

Zhang Ming
10 June 2018
The European Union (EU) and China should work together for a better globalization, Chinese envoy to the EU has said in a speech earlier this week. In his remarks at the breakfast meeting on Thursday co-hosted by the Centre for European Reform, an European think-tank, and Kreab, a global consulting company, Ambassador Zhang Ming, head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, shed light on how to save globalization and appealed to the EU to join hands with China to buck unilateralism.

In the Press - BREXIT SHAMBLES: How May's backstop will make it IMPOSSIBLE for UK to trade with USA

08 June 2018
The Express
Sam Lowe, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said: "The UK backstop makes a US trade deal difficult for two reasons. "First, while in place it would prevent from the UK from lowering its agriculture tariffs, which is a precondition of any deal with the US. "Second, if the backstop really is to remove the need for a border in Ireland, it will also require the UK food standards remaining fully aligned with the EU. "This is something the US will demand to be changed in the event of an any UK-US free trade agreement."

In the Press - The Government's proposals for a future security partnership with the European Union

08 June 2018
House of Commons Defence Committee Report
Sophia Besch a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform told the Committeethat CSDP was not at the heart of the UK’s strategic thinking and priorities but that the UK did have an interest in influencing the strategic and regional priorities in the debate on European Security. She suggested that the limited number of troops that the UK had provided to EU missions and operations had influenced the debate in Europe around whether the UK was a valuable part of CSDP.

In the Press - Galileo's middle finger: A Brexit row over Galileo could damage broader co-operation on defence

07 June 2018
The Economist
More worrying, says Sophia Besch of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank, are the implications of going it alone for wider defence co-operation. In January 2017 Theresa May was criticised when she hinted that Britain’s future defence relations with Europe might be affected by the terms of any Brexit deal.