In the Press - Brexiteers call on May to exploit Merkel crisis

21 November 2017
The Times
The developments in Britain took place as Michel Barnier, the EU Brexit negotiator, backed Ireland’s bid to avoid a hard border. “I know that this point is politically sensitive in the UK, it is not less sensitive in Ireland,” he said at a Centre for European Reform conference in Brussels yesterday.

In the Press - Brexit: UK banks will lose 'passporting rights' after Britain leaves EU, Brussels says

Michel Barnier
20 November 2017
The Independent
British banks will lose "passporting rights" to do business in the European Union after Brexit, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator has said. Speaking in Brussels on Monday Michel Barnier said that "Brexit means Brexit, everywhere" and that there could be no opt-ins to parts of the single market for certain industries. “On financial services, UK voices suggest that Brexit does not mean Brexit. Brexit means Brexit, everywhere,” Mr Barnier said in a major speech to the Centre for European Reform think-tank.

In the Press - Barnier hints EU parliaments will block Brexit trade deal if UK plans too much divergence - Politics live

Michel Barnier
20 November 2017
The Guardian
Michel Barnier says it is odd to be talking about Brexit at a Centre or European Reform conference about the future of the EU. But he goes on
"Brexit could prove to be a turning point in the European project.
The year 2016 could be seen as a moment of reckoning. It could be the point where the EU realises “no one will do for us what we don’t do for ourselves.”
Barnier shows a slide which he says David Cameron used to use to justify his faith in the single market.

In the Press - Barnier: UK must provide solution for Irish border

20 November 2017
Financial Times
Michel Barnier said the onus was on the UK “to come forward with proposals” to avoid imposing a physical border in Ireland amid talks Northern Ireland could stay part of the EU’s single market and customs union after Brexit.“Those who want Brexit must offer solutions”, said Mr Barnier at a Centre for European Reform conference in Brussels on Monday. The UK has resisted plans to allow Northern Ireland to become an effective “special economic area” within Britain.

In the Press - Barnier to UK: Staying close to EU model could be ‘decisive’

Michel Barnier
20 November 2017
The U.K. needs to decide if it wants to stay “close to the European model” after leaving the EU or “gradually move away from it,” Michel Barnier, the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator, said Monday.In a speech at the Brussels base of the Centre for European Reform, a British think-tank, Barnier said the answer to that question “will be important and even decisive” for the future partnership “and shape also the conditions for ratification of that partnership in many national parliaments and obviously in the European Parliament.”

In the Press - Michel Barnier hints talks on a Brexit trade deal will collapse if the UK doesn’t sign up to ALL European rules

20 November 2017
The Sun
In a speech to the Centre for European Reform which will enrage Eurosceptics, Mr Barnier insisted that any attempt to create new rules after Brexit even on domestic issues such as farming and healthcare will meet fierce resistance from the EU.

In the Press - EU takes tough approach to Brexit as talks enter key weeks

20 November 2017
The Daily Mail
Michel Barnier told a conference in Brussels that London needs to provide clear proposals soon to find a way for the UK to leave the EU in 2019 but still have a transparent, open border between Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland. "Those who wanted Brexit must offer solutions," Barnier told a Centre for European Reform conference in Brussels.

In the Press - EU's preference is ambitious trade deal with UK - EU's Barnier

20 November 2017
“If we manage to negotiate an orderly withdrawal, to fully respect the integrity of the single market and establish a level playing field, there is every reason for our future partnership to be ambitious. This is our preferred option,” Michel Barnier told the Centre for European conference in Brussels on Monday.

In the Press - Barnier raises Irish obstacle as UK moves on Brexit bill

20 November 2017
Barnier told a Centre for European Reform conference in Brussels on Monday that Northern Ireland will require a specific solution and that it’s up to “those who wanted Brexit” to come up with ideas. In comments that will rile the pro-UK. Northern Irish party that props up Theresa May’s government, he said Northern Ireland already has different rules to Britain. “Unique circumstances require specific solutions,” he said.

In the Press - Michel Barnier boasts 'WE ARE READY' for no deal - but says UK will suffer outside of EU

Michel Barnier
20 November 2017
The Express
Mr Barnier spoke at a conference on ‘The Future of the EU’, hosted by the Centre for European Reform (CER) in Brussels. The European Union’s chief negotiator delivered the keynote speech at the day-long event, which marks the launch of CER’s new Brussels office. Also on the agenda is the future of the euro, Brexit, migration and security.