Who won the Dutch election, what happens now and what will Geert Wilders do next?

Press quote (The Express)
Rem Korteweg
16 March 2017

Mr Wilders has got the second largest party and will play an important opposition role, according to Rem Korteweg, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER).

“He is going to keep ramming home his agenda," Mr Korteweg said today in the wake of the provisional election result last night. 

"Wilders was able to to increase his number of seats and dictated the terms of this election campaign.”...

...Mr Korteweg predicted that these parties could go into coalition with the small Christian Union after support for the Labour Party (PvdA) collapsed.

The Dutch politics expert said: “One of the winners - the Greens - possibly lose because I don’t see how they can end up in government.”

He said the coalition formation process is going to be smoother than expected and is likely to take weeks, not months. 

Mr Korteweg added: “The coalition process is now going to start. It’s going to be easier than expected because Mr Rutte was able to get more seats than we all expected.”