Britain's unhelpful obsession with the ECJ

Press quote (Financial Times)
05 July 2017


Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform has spelt out what Mrs May risks if she continues to make the ECJ an indelible red line. “She will severely limit the scope of the agreements that cover the future relationship. Thus, if the UK wants to stay in the single market for aviation, it will have to accept ECJ rulings, as do Norway and Iceland. The same dilemma applies to many other areas, like financial services, electricity, data flows and security co-operation.”...Mr Grant writes that the EFTA court, which polices single market rules in the non-EU members of the EEA, could offer a way forward. “It would include British judges, broadly respect the rulings of the ECJ and have the freedom to develop its own jurisprudence where the Luxembourg court had not ruled or not ruled recently.”