Prospect Think Tank Awards 2013

CER wins Prospect UK International Think Tank of the Year award 2013

25 June 2013

The CER won UK International Affairs Think Tank of the Year at the Prospect Think Tank Awards for 2013 on 25 June. Presenting the award, Bill Emmott (former editor of The Economist) said that a pro-European think tank had not been an obvious choice at a time when the EU was in crisis and when it had never been less popular in Britain. However, he commended the CER for not allowing its pro-European outlook to suspend its critical faculties: it could always be relied upon to take the EU to task when it thought this was justified. At the same time, he praised the CER for the role it played in improving Britain’s domestic debate on the EU, and in clarifying the nature of the options available to the country in or out of the EU. Finally, Emmott said that the frequency with which the CER was quoted in the foreign media was testament to the esteem in which it was held abroad.