In the Press - Commission takes Poland to court on eve of election

11 October 2019
EU Observer
"If PiS wins a parliamentary majority in both houses of parliament, it would probably attempt to further undermine democratic checks and balances. For example, PiS wants to make it easier for the government to lift the immunity of judges," Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, wrote in a recent analysis.

In the Press - European Parliament, flexing muscle, rejects France's Commission nominee

10 October 2019
The New York Times
Camino Mortera-Martinez, a researcher at the London-based Centre for European Reform, said, “The Parliament never misses an opportunity to flex its muscle, but it was a misstep by Macron to put forward a candidate that he didn’t think was OK to be in his own government.”

In the Press - La ofensiva mediática de Londres suscita dudas sobre sus intenciones ante el Brexit

10 October 2019
France 24
En opinión de Charles Grant, director del instituto de reflexión Centre for European Reform, el uso de este tono beligerante es un error."Hacer este tipo de amenazas vacías no es realmente una forma de conseguir lo que se quiere en la UE", afirma.

In the Press - Brexit: Experts divided over Irish border plan

08 October 2019
BBC News
Sam Lowe, from the pro-EU Centre for European Reform, said the plan was not appropriate for a post-conflict region. The experts were addressing MPs sitting on Westminster's Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday. Mr Lowe said he "admires the honesty" of the government finally admitting that Northern Ireland would have to continue to align with some EU rules to prevent a harder border.

In the Press - Odds of a Brexit deal fade as Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel clash

08 October 2019
The New York Times
To Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, a research institute, it is all about constructing a narrative of “the people versus the elite.”“They understand theater in Downing Street,” Mr Grant said, “and the theater of ‘the people’s Boris’ being pushed around by out-of-touch judges and other European Council leaders, suits his narrative.”

In the Press - No-deal tariffs shake-up as ministers gear up for 'do or die' Brexit

08 October 2019
The Telegraph
Sam Lowe, a trade expert at the Centre for European Reform, described the no-deal tariff plans as a “quite an extensive unilateral liberalisation” in order to keep prices low. It would make post-Brexit Britain one of the most open countries in the world.

In the Press - Las cicatrices de la crisis amplían la brecha entre regiones ricas y pobres en España y la UE

07 October 2019
El Pais
Según un artículo del think tank independiente Centre for European Reform, las regiones más productivas ya no son exclusivamente aquellas donde la industria tiene mayor peso. La receta del éxito tiene otros ingredientes: una posición geográfica próxima a ciudades exitosas o un elevado porcentaje de trabajadores jóvenes y con estudios superiores.

In the Press - Battle to burst Boris Johnson's Brexit bubble

06 October 2019
The Sunday Times
Charles Grant, of the Centre for European Reform, said: “EU officials have looked ahead to see what damage an uncooperative UK could do. The answer: not much before June, when the EU must agree on the next seven years of budgets, which requires unanimity.”

In the Press - The best and brightest? Not always for EU leadership jobs

06 October 2019
The New York Times
“Sometimes it is a way to reward an ally,” said Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska, a senior researcher with the London-based organization Centre for European Reform. “Or it might be a way to send a competitor away for at least five years. Smaller states increasingly send real heavyweights, like former prime ministers.”

In the Press - EU pledges restraint as US moves to add tariffs

03 October 2019
The Wall Street Journal
“I’m not convinced the U.S. is seeking an immediate settlement” on the WTO case, said Sam Lowe, a trade expert at the Centre for European Reform, a think tank. “This dispute, despite being legal, will spill over into the politics of the trade war.”