Can Europe overcome its paralysis on Palestine?

05 December 2019
When Federica Mogherini took office as the EU’s high representative for foreign policy in November 2014, she declared that a two-state solution could be reached within her five-year term.

CER podcast: Where is Turkey going?

04 December 2019
After Turkey’s recent offensive in northern Syria, Ankara’s relationships with the EU and US have been badly strained.

Nato at 70: Not 'brain dead', but needs shot in arm

03 December 2019
EU Observer
What a difference a decade makes. Nato's 60th birthday celebration in 2009 was a show of confidence, sprinkled with the stardust of Barack Obama's first official visit to Europe and culminating in a 62-paragraph declaration covering everything from the Arctic to Africa.

It's Trump time

03 December 2019
Financial Times
With Emmanuel Macron’s caustic comments likely to dominate the Nato gathering, Ian Bond at the Centre for European Reform argues that reports of the Nato’s “brain death” are still exaggerated: “Even if Nato can get through the London meeting unscathed, its leaders should not just breathe a sigh of relief and hope that Trump will be out of office by the time of the next summit (expected in 2021). In reality, Trump, Erdogan and Macron all have some valid criticisms of Nato. The solutions they pursue are likely to do more harm than good to security in Europe; but the correct course is to look for better solutions, not to ignore the problems.”

Komisja von der Leyen nie do końca legalna? Co o tym mówi prawo unijne?

03 December 2019
Gazeta Prawna
Rzeczywiście, służby prawne instytucji europejskich wskazywały na obawę, że decyzje podjęte przez kolegium, które nie odzwierciedla liczby państw członkowskich, mogą zostać zakwestionowane prawnie. Komisja Europejska rozpoczęła jednak procedurę naruszeniową wobec Wielkiej Brytanii – mówi z kolei Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska z think tanku Centre for European Reform. W ten sposób w jej ocenie nowa KE wyszła naprzeciw wyzwaniom prawnym związanym z decyzją Brytyjczyków o nienominowaniu komisarza.

Europa y la "política de favores" de Trump

03 December 2019
Deutsche Welle
Ian Bond, director de política exterior del Centro para la Reforma Europea, fue un diplomático británico que en el pasado trabajó en Washington. Bond dice que en circunstancias normales, todos los que tratan con Estados Unidos sobre el caso de Ucrania sabrían quiénes eran sus interlocutores en la embajada, el Departamento de Estado y el Consejo de Seguridad Nacional. Nadie habría buscado al abogado personal del presidente o al embajador de Estados Unidos en la Unión Europea.

Global Business: Ambitious agenda for new Commission

03 December 2019
The new Commission comes to office with an ambitious agenda, from climate change to digitization & curbing the power of tech companies. Political analyst Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska of the Centre for European Reform says the new commission president will have "a tough time".

Nato Leaders' Summit 2019: Treaty organisation faces deep divisions at 70

02 December 2019
The National
Former British ambassador Ian Bond told The National Mr Macron had caused problems within the alliance between Turkey and the US and provoked an “explosion” from Mr Erdogan. He said the French leader was also making increasingly worrying overtures to Russia. In reimagining a new foreign policy for Europe, Mr Macron has caused friction with Berlin and Washington, not least because of his calls for European “strategic autonomy” in defence and foreign policy.

Developing a home-grown European defence equipment market

02 December 2019
President Emmanuel Macron’s man in the European Commission will struggle to make headway on developing a home-grown European defence equipment market.

Euronews: Future for NATO

02 December 2019
NATO needs to continue to defend itself from pressure from Russia, consider new challenges in cyberspace and space, and become more aware that China poses important challenges in terms of technological sophistication and military deployment, Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European reform  tells Euronews.

Is a European Security Council a good idea?

02 December 2019
The EU is a trade and regulatory superpower, but it has consistently punched below its weight in foreign and security policy.

The SPD’s new left-wing leadership could prove just the jolt Germany needs

01 December 2019
The New Statesman
As the economist Christian Odendahl puts it, Esken and NoWaBo are by international comparison about as hard-left as the IMF, in that they want more of Germany’s vast surplus to be spent on wide-eyed priorities like school, digital and rail improvements. Their proposed minimum wage increase to €12 an hour, below the level currently being proposed in Britain by renowned hardline socialist Boris Johnson, would inject some much-needed demand into the slowing eurozone economy.

Der Mann mit den großen Ohren

30 November 2019
Luxemburger Wort
„Wir neigendazu, uns zu sehr auf dieUnterschiede und Problemezu konzentrieren,obwohl es viele Punkte gab,in denen die Kommissionsich bemüht hat, den Zentral- undOsteuropäern entgegenzukommen“, sagt Agata Gostynska-Jakubowskader Denkfabrik „Centre for European Reform“.

BBC Today Programme: UK-US trade agreements

30 November 2019
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to the Today Programme to discuss how a possible FTA might take shape between the UK and the US (from 52 mins).

Boris Johnson backs looser state aid rules after Brexit

29 November 2019
Financial Times
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said: “The EU’s stated position is that even if the UK wants an agreement resembling Canada’s, they will ask for more from the UK on state aid than they did for Canada and Japan because the UK is geographically closer and big.” He added that the starting point of any negotiation with the EU would be a demand for dynamic alignment with Brussels’ state aid rules, something that was likely to be incompatible with the Conservatives’ new approach. 

Boris Johnson rose to power thanks to Theresa May’s Brexit errors; now he’s replicating them

29 November 2019
Global Government Forum
Johnson’s government has refused to publish an impact assessment of its plans. But research by think tank the Centre for European Reform suggests that in financial services alone, under this scenario UK businesses – which currently export £23.6bn (US$30.5bn) to the EU – could see their export revenues fall by 59%.

Another Franco-German plan

28 November 2019
Financial Times
Luigi Scazzieri at the Centre for European Reform dissects how a Franco-German proposal for a “European Security Council” could end up backfiring: “A move to formalise co-operation between a select few member states in a grand-sounding European Security Council risks being highly divisive, as there is a risk that other member states may interpret it as a move to make Europe more independent of the US — especially in the context of Macron’s recent comments on the “brain death” of NATO.” 

Johnson's future Brexit plan would be almost as disruptive as no deal

28 November 2019
A "super Canada plus" agreement would still present businesses with a cliff edge.

Letters: Free trade future

27 November 2019
The Telegraph
SIR – Through Brexit and the election, trade has come to the forefront of the national conversation. As trade professionals we welcome public debate but fear the supplanting of fact with rhetoric.

Jeremy Corbyn claims dossier shows NHS at risk from US trade deal

27 November 2019
Financial Times
“The US clearly wants to discuss issues that are particularly controversial such as drug pricing,” said Sam Lowe, a trade specialist at the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank. “But the UK is not yet prepared to concede on these issues.”