Judy Asks: Is Europe betraying refugees?

12 March 2020
Carnegie Europe
Europe has been betraying refugees since Syria’s civil war began, but the situation is worsening.

Coronavirus tests Europe’s cohesion, alliances and even democracy

12 March 2020
The New York Times
“And that just feeds Salvini,’’ said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, referring to Matteo Salvini, the Italian far-right populist who is a sharp critic of immigration, globalization and the European Union itself.
Matters will get worse with the economic impact of the crisis, Mr. Grant said. “The euro crisis could return, because there are too many bad debts in banks,’’ especially in Italy, “and there is still no proper bank resolution regime and no eurozone deposit insurance.’’
The populists, he said, “will make hay with that.’’

What Trump's Europe coronavirus travel ban means

12 March 2020
Atlantic Council
“The ban in its current shape appears to be intensely political. Two things have struck people here in Berlin in particular: the fact that it seems to not have been coordinated or prepared with European leaders, and the fact that it appears to target Schengen and President Trump’s dislike of a ‘borderless Europe’ in particular.

The future of the EU: New perspectives - Italy

12 March 2020
The UK in a Changing Europe
The current trajectory of Italian politics is likely to impact considerably on the EU’s future. Ten years ago, Italy was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of European integration.
Milan airport empty March 2020

CER podcast: How to contain the coronavirus fall-out

11 March 2020
The new coronavirus has been spreading rapidly in Europe, and Italy has imposed strict constraints on movement to contain the outbreak there.

Wie sich die Coronavirus-Rezession eindämmen lässt

10 March 2020
Die Covid-19-Krise ist ernst und wird kurzfristig schwerwiegende wirtschaftliche Folgen haben. Aber wenn die Fiskal- und Geldpolitik mutig und entschlossen gegenhält, lassen sich die langfristigen Schäden begrenzen.

What is the European Green Deal and will it really cost €1tn?

09 March 2020
The Guardian
The EU will face a backlash from its citizens, fuelled by populist politicians, for persisting with green policies, predicts Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank.He points to the gilets jaunes protests in France, which took off after rises in fuel taxes intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the rise of the AFD in Germany. “The AFD is fuelled partly by climate scepticism. Populists are keen to promote anti-greenery, as they listen to voters,” he says.

Italy to call for suspension of the EU Stability Pact as coronavirus stretches eurozone defences

06 March 2020
The Telegraph
“It would be very hard for the Northern Europeans to say no and be too ‘Hanseatic’ about this given the difficulties that Italy is in, and the fragility of the Italian government,” said Charles Grant from the Centre for European Reform. “The EU thinks that this is the least bad government that is possible today in Italy and they don’t want it to collapse,” he said.

Ignore EU bluffing! Trade deal possible SOON - trade sources speak out

05 March 2020
The Express
Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said Britain accepts leaving the single market and customs union will give it more autonomy but also put up more barriers to trade. But he said there is no longer the “have your cake and eat it” attitude of Theresa May’s government which means both sides should be more willing to budge one certain issues.

The EU and UK can agree on the scope of a new trade deal, but the devil is in the detail

05 March 2020
The EU and the UK have set out what they want their future partnership to look like and the horse trading has begun.

Now in EU interest to work with Turkey on migration

05 March 2020
EU Observer
The European Union is facing the prospect of renewed migration crisis after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared he would "open the gates" and allow the over four million refugees living in Turkey to freely travel to Europe.

¿Es el momento de que la UE reexamine sus relaciones con Bielorrusia?

05 March 2020
La política de la UE respecto a Bielorrusia no ha tenido ambición.

Putin CER

04 March 2020
Financial Times
Ian Bond of the Centre for European Reform offers six pointers to western leaders on how to deal with Vladimir “master of gaslighting” Putin: “Western leaders should not forget history, ancient or recent, or ignore the reality of Putin’s Russia, but nor should they be its prisoners. The disappointed hopes of their predecessors may be buried all round the Kremlin; but the West’s relations with Russia do not always have to be as bad as they are now.”

Whisper it … an EU-UK deal is there to be done

04 March 2020
As Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, has pointed out, the UK accepts that leaving the EU’s single market and customs union means more autonomy but also more barriers to trade. There is none of the cognitive dissonance of the early May era, when the UK wanted to “have its cake and eat it.” “Beyond the headline issues the two parties aren’t so far apart,” Lowe said.

CER podcast: Are the Brexit negotiations doomed to fail?

04 March 2020
The EU and the UK have now published their objectives outlining what they want a future EU-UK partnership to look like. There is much headline disagreement, but is there a landing zone in sight? Charles Grant and Sam Lowe discuss.

We’ll ditch all EU rules, vows UK’s trade talks army

03 March 2020
The Express
Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform said: “A deal by the end of the year is still possible but it will require both parties to drift away from their opening positions. “In practice, it requires the UK to move a lot and the EU to move a little.” 

UK eyes speedy banking deal with US in parallel trade talks

02 March 2020
“The negotiating objectives show the UK is going to take a pretty firm stance,” said Sam Lowe, trade expert at the Centre for European Reform. “This will make getting a comprehensive trade deal done in the immediate future pretty difficult.”

The EU should step up engagement with Belarus

02 March 2020
Emerging Europe
The EU’s engagement with Belarus has been limited due to the country’s political oppression, human rights abuses, and close ties to Russia.

A migration crisis and disagreement with Turkey is the last thing Europe needs right now

02 March 2020
"2016 was in some ways a missed opportunity," says Luigi Scazzieri from the Centre for European Reform, based in Brussels. "After the agreement, steps were not taken to make the relationship sustainable over time. There was then not much effort made to stop the cause of these problems - the war in Syria."

Londyn liczy na podziały w Unii Europejskiej. Jak dotąd ta strategia się nie sprawdziła

02 March 2020
Twierdzenie, że Unia Europejska przystępuje do negocjacji z Wielką Brytanią osłabiona, należy traktować z przymrużeniem oka.