Ian Bond

Euronews: Brussels, my love? Is Europe ready for Trump in the White House?

06 April 2024
We were joined by Ian Bond, deputy director of the CER who warned that Trump was "subservient" to Putin - which is a threat to America's European allies.
Ian Bond

TRT World: As NATO marks its 75th anniversary, is the alliance promoting peace or provoking global conflict?

04 April 2024
As the alliance marks its 75th anniversary, we ask the questions: is NATO a protector of global peace or a potential threat to it? And what does the future hold for the alliance in the next 75 years? Ian Bond, deputy director at the Centre for European Reform (from 07;10 mins)...

Ukrainian Strikes on Russian oil refineries: What's the impact?

03 April 2024
"Since Russian import capacity for refined oil products is limited in the short run, since they're set up to export, it's actually a fairly clever way of causing disruption in the Russian market with limited impact globally," Aslak Berg, Research Fellow at the Centre for European Reform, told Euronews.

Eurozone inflation fall defies projections, buoying hopes of ECB interest rate cuts

03 April 2024
"It would be surprising if the ECB cut rates already in April," Sander Tordoir, senior analyst at the Centre for European Reform (CER), told Euractiv.

Una sorpresa en Francia amenaza (de nuevo) la aplicación de las reglas fiscales de la UE

31 March 2024
EL Confidencial
"Dependiendo de cuánto de esto (el déficit) sea estructural, podría de hecho hacer que este ajuste fiscal requerido fuera más alto, tal vez incluso inverosímilmente alto. La Comisión podría entonces tener que suavizar las normas", admite a El Confidencial Sander Tordoir, investigador del Centre for European Reform (CER).

The EU quandary: Labour’s efforts to build good relations and keep red lines

30 March 2024
The Guardian
The economist John Springford, of the Centre for European Reform, whose estimates suggest UK gross domestic product is perhaps 5% smaller than it would otherwise be as a result of Brexit, says Labour’s plans are unlikely to move the dial on growth.

Have low wages permanently ‘scarred’ Europe’s economy?

29 March 2024
Sander Tordoir, a senior economist at the Centre for European Reform (CER), which hosted Wednesday’s event, told Euractiv that the ECB official’s concerns about the negative repercussions of persistently low wages are “exactly right”.

Scotland has lost £100 million a year in salmon exports to EU

28 March 2024
The London Economic
Research out from the Centre for European Reform (CER) in February suggests that Brexit is leaving a hole of almost £100 billion in annual UK exports, making Britain’s economy worse off than if it had remained in the EU.
CER Podcast: Can Berlin and Brussels disentangle their economy from China’s grasp?

CER Podcast: Can Berlin and Brussels disentangle their economy from China’s grasp?

Sander Tordoir, Shahin Vallée
27 March 2024
Sander Tordoir and Shahin Vallée discuss China and Germany's relationship.

Kaliningrado: el as en la manga de Rusia en una posible guerra contra la OTAN

27 March 2024
EL Confidencial
"El acceso de Finlandia y Suecia a la OTAN ha mejorado la posición estratégica en la alianza en la región báltica muy considerablemente", dice Ian Bond, vicedirector del Centre for European Reform (CER) y antiguo embajador británico en Letonia. "Antes, la única manera que tenía la OTAN de reforzar a los Estados bálticos era a través del Corredor de Suwalki. Ahora también pueden reforzar el flanco oriental desde Suecia y Finlandia. Y Finlandia, claro, tiene una frontera muy larga con Rusia, lo cual también complica la planificación estratégica de Rusia".

Déficit public : à quoi la France s’est-elle engagée à Bruxelles ?

26 March 2024
La France est-elle pour autant épargnée d’ici là ? Non, car cette concession est à relativiser, selon Sander Tordoir, du Center for European Reform. « Cette exclusion va probablement donner un certain répit jusqu’à ce qu’Emmanuel Macron quitte ses fonctions, mais la France ne va pas être pleinement épargnée : elle va devoir réduire son déficit structurel graduellement à compter de 2025 », pose cet expert de la politique budgétaire en Europe.

Stormont’s honeymoon ends as Brexit pulls parties apart

21 March 2024
Financial Times
Anton Spisak, a policy analyst and former UK government official, who notes in a new paper for the Centre for European Reform that Britain’s trade with Northern Ireland has been stagnant since 2016 while Ireland’s share has surged by 66 per cent. In other words: “Northern Ireland’s trade matters in both directions — east-west and north-south — and needs to be prioritised equally by present and future British governments.”

The long battle over Russia's frozen assets heats up

20 March 2024
As Zach Meyers, assistant director of the Centre for European Reform, explained: "This interest legally belongs not to Russia, but rather the Belgian securities depository Euroclear." ..."Euroclear earned approximately €4.4bn on the €19bn of frozen assets in 2023," Meyers added.

UK at last confirms European Political Community summit date

19 March 2024
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think tank, said in February he believed Downing Street was “divided on what to do,” and reported that French officials were “quite pissed off about the British noncommittal to a date.”
Seven expert views: America first, Europe alone?

Seven expert views: America first, Europe alone?

19 March 2024
Clingendael Spectator
If Joe Biden is re-elected, and the Democrats control both the US Senate and the House of Representatives, then there would be scope for increased transatlantic co-operation.

Les Européens demandent à leur banque d'investir dans la défense

18 March 2024
Les Echos
« Beaucoup de PME du secteur de la défense ont du mal à accéder aux fonds publics ou privés en raison des règles d'investissement durable qui sont de plus en plus suivies, explique Luigi Scazzieri, du think tank Centre for European Reform. Une plus grande implication de la BEI enverrait un signal politique fort en montrant qu'investir dans ce secteur n'est pas quelque chose de mauvais ».

Britain doesn’t need ‘reform’. It just needs to rejoin the EU

17 March 2024
The Observer
Aslak Berg of the Centre for European Reform has recently produced a disturbing study of the devastating impact of surrendering the trading privileges of membership of the nearby single market for the cloud cuckoo land of pathetically inadequate – or what prove to be nonexistent – trade deals with far-off nations such as Canada, Australia and India. The much-vaunted trade deal with the US suffered the fate of the Titanic; but, never mind, there is a trade deal with Texas instead.

Europe's economy is a cause for concern, not panic

14 March 2024
The Economist
Europe is back to having a trade surplus and a fiscal deficit that looks a lot better than America’s these days, points out Sander Tordoir of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank.
Judy Asks: Has the war in Gaza irreversibly damaged Europe's credibility?

Judy Asks: Has the war in Gaza irreversibly damaged Europe's credibility?

14 March 2024
Carnegie Europe
Europe’s response to the war in Gaza has greatly undermined its credibility in the Middle East and beyond.

As trade with China booms, some Russian companies are flourishing

13 March 2024
"The surge in Russia-China trade illustrates simply that sanctions lose their bite over time, as non-participating countries take advantage of the economic opportunities left when Western firms retreat," said Zach Meyers, assistant director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank.