Les Britanniques ont raison de regretter le Brexit

02 March 2023
Les Echos
Le Centre for European Reform publie régulièrement ce qu'aurait été l'évolution de l'économie britannique si elle n'était pas sortie de l'UE. Pour ce faire, des « sosies » de l'économie britannique sont construits grâce à une combinaison de pays dont les performances économiques correspondent étroitement à celles du Royaume-Uni avant le référendum sur le Brexit.

Brexit slammed the UK economy. The new Northern Ireland deal gives it hope

28 February 2023
CNN Business
“There’s still a lot of uncertainty about what the ultimate steady-state relationship between the UK and EU is going to be, particularly how much the UK is going to diverge from EU regulations,” said John Springford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank.That could trigger fresh conflicts in future, but resolution on Northern Ireland increases the likelihood that these will be settled in a way that involves “more compromise and less confrontation,” he said.

The Protocol deal is a win for Sunak – and the EU

27 February 2023
The Spectator
Soon after Boris Johnson struck a deal with the EU in October 2019 on the Withdrawal Agreement, including the Northern Ireland protocol, the British government demanded changes to the Protocol.

Brexit: UK immigration system found to contribute to labour shortages

27 February 2023
The labour market for low-skilled EU workers is “much tighter” now than before the Brexit deal was signed in December 2020, John Springford, Deputy Director of the Centre for European Reform (CER), told EURACTIV.Springford co-authored a CER study, published in January, which found that Brexit had led to a loss of 460,000 EU workers compared to 2019, after taking the COVID-19 pandemic into account.“The large shortfall of non-UK workers is mostly in sectors that disproportionately employ less-skilled workers”, the study reads.

After a year of Russia's war on Ukraine, has the West learned the right lessons?

24 February 2023
There’s been a lot of talk in the last year about the Russian army’s inability to learn from its disastrous performance in Ukraine.

CER podcast: One year of war in Ukraine

Ian Bond, Olesya Khromeychuk, Richard Shirreff
24 February 2023
In this week’s episode of the CER podcast Ian Bond discusses the Ukraine-Russia war with Sir Richard Shireff & Dr Olesya Khromeychuk

Ukraine war: Europe has turned a crisis into an opportunity, and it’s better off for it

23 February 2023
“The main impact has been to create more unity,” says Charles Grant, director of the London-based Centre for European Reform think-tank.“It’s been positive for European integration and it’s created some momentum towards doing more things together than was feasible before the war.”

Finland should be ready to join NATO, with or without Sweden

Helmi Pillai
22 February 2023
If Turkey is willing to ratify Finland’s NATO membership, there is little reason for Helsinki to wait for Stockholm.

How do we cure long-term sickness and revive our shrinking workforce?

22 February 2023
The Times
He [Jeremy Hunt] cannot do much about the loss of European Union workers, estimated by the Centre for European Reform to be 330,000, but he will hope to address the loss of older workers, apparently lured away from the labour market and into early retirement. 

Brexit and the Australia deal is bad for British farming so why didn't any Ministers intervene?

22 February 2023
The Yorkshire Post
Recent studies by the Centre for European Reform state that the UK's GDP has already fallen by 5.5 per cent due to Brexit, amounting to an annual loss of tax revenue of £40bn, and the immigration policy has caused a shortfall of 330,000 workers.

Hungary, Poland and the rule of law: Follow the money

21 February 2023
Since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine a year ago, economic sanctions have been at the forefront of EU policy making.

5 big Brexit promises - and what we got instead

20 February 2023
The Independent
A joint report by the UK in a Changing Europe and the Centre for European Reform think tanks found the ending of free movement is “contributing significantly” to current labour shortages. The study found the low-skilled sectors – including hospitality, retail, construction and transportation – had been badly hit by the loss of EU workers after Brexit.

Two-thirds of public think Brexit has hurt UK economy, poll finds

19 February 2023
The Independent
In December, the Centre for European Reform (CER) found that Brexit had cost the UK a staggering £33bn in lost trade, investment and growth. The CER also estimated the tax loss from Brexit to be around £40bn.

The authoritarian moment

18 February 2023
The New European
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, says Putin can afford to ignore these distant protests.“Putin cares about what happens in Moscow and St Petersburg… everywhere else you can deal with it through a combination of bribery and coercion,” he said. “When things start bubbling in Moscow and St Petersburg, they are ruthlessly suppressed… I don’t think demonstrations by soldiers’ mothers in the periphery make much difference.”

El coste del "error colosal" del divorcio británico de la UE: pérdidas de 120.000 millones anuales y 330.000 empleos menos

John Springford, Jonathan Portes
18 February 2023
Desde otros centros de investigación, como el Centre for European Reform (CER), un think tank europeísta y próximo desde sus orígenes al laborismo británico, y el UK in Changing Europe, se hacen eco de una reducción de 330.000 trabajadores -460.000 de origen europeo menos, frente a los 130.000 de otras nacionalidades que se ha sumado al mercado de trabajo- desde la firma del divorcio. Una "pérdida neta" de alrededor del 1% de la fuerza laboral británica.

Spectator Podcast: Will the DUP accept Sunak’s deal?

17 February 2023
As it looks like the government is about to agree a new deal with the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Rishi Sunak is in Belfast today meeting with the DUP. Will they accept a compromise?
Max Jeffery speaks to Isabel Hardman and Charles Grant, director of the Centre for...

When EU fiscal rules meet industrial policy

16 February 2023
But how would the UK have fared had it never left the European Union? It’s impossible to say for sure as we cannot let history run twice, but John Springford of the Centre for European Reform is trying to come as close as possible to re-running history by using a ‘doppelgänger’ method.

First Brexit, then Bregret. Is it too soon for Breconciliation?

16 February 2023
The Washington Post
Boris Johnson in 2018 imagined that escaping the “stockade” of EU regulation would free up at least 4% of gross domestic product; five years on, John Springford of the Centre for European Reform estimates the UK economy is 5.5% smaller than without Brexit, and collects 40 billion pounds ($48 billion) less in yearly tax revenue.

La compétitivité ne s’obtient pas en déversant des montagnes de cash

16 February 2023
Lors du dernier Conseil européen, les 27 ont peiné à s’entendre sur le plan industriel proposé par Bruxelles. 

Europe scrambles to reclaim its industrial edge

15 February 2023
Cipher News
“The EU industry is notoriously slow to take up new technologies and innovations,” said Zach Meyers, a senior research fellow specializing in competition policy at the Centre for European Reform, a European think-tank.