Conference on 'Europe and the rest of the world'

04 February 2020

Welcoming remarks by Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform

Panel 1: EU foreign, migration, security and defence policy under the new Commission

The von der Leyen Commission faces fundamental questions over the EU’s foreign, migration, security and defence policies. Brexit means Europe is losing one of its main defence spenders and industrial powers – will other member-states step up to fill the spending cap and begin to take defence seriously, or will defence continue to be a dirty word? How will the EU most effectively engage China and Russia in a world where its objectives no longer immediately match those of the US? What steps must the EU take to ensure greater coherence between its internal and foreign policies, in particular when it comes to migration?

Rosa Balfour
, Senior Fellow, The German Marshall Fund of the United States 
Sławomir Dębski, Director, Polish Institute of International Affairs
Thijs van der Plas, Director General for Political Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands
Nathalie Tocci, Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali
Chair: Paul Adamson, Founder, Encompass 

Panel 2: The EU and the world economy (trade, competition and industrial policy)

The world is changing. China is becoming more assertive. Under Trump, the US has retreated from its position as a guarantor of the rules based trading order. The dominance of the tech giants is posing new questions for governments and democracy. Yet, in this increasingly assertive world, Europe is yet to find a role. Will it align with the US to contain the Chinese economic model, or take a more accommodative stance? Will it become a bastion of global free trade, or give in to its more protectionist urges? What role will competition policy play, and is it time to loosen the rules somewhat so as to facilitate the emergence of European tech champions? As the challenges mount, will Europe find itself looking inward or outward?

Maria Demertzis, Deputy Director, Bruegel
Shada Islam, Director of Europe & Geopolitics, Friends of Europe
Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus, Jacques Delors Institute
Michael Landesmann, Senior Research Associate, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
Chair: Sam Lowe, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform

Closing remarks by Sam Lowe, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform

Reception with keynote speech by Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Trade