Conference on 'Has the euro been a failure?'

06 November 2015 to 07 November 2015
Ditchley Park

Has the euro been a failure? Such a suggestion draws a fierce response from Brussels and national capitals, and is perceived as tantamount to calling the EU into question. But it is a legitimate question to ask. How should the euro be judged? Purely by the fact that it has survived? Or by the fact that is has become a significant international reserve currency? Or by comparing what its proponents said it would do for Europe with what has actually happened? Has the euro helped Europe to address the economic and political challenges facing it? Or has it made it harder to address these challenges, while also creating new ones? Could a dismantling of the eurozone open the way for economic recovery and an easing of political tensions? Or would it unleash unmanageable economic and political instability?

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