FT Future of Europe Summit: Achieving stability, security and prosperity

14 April 2016

Organised in co-operation with the Financial Times and King's College London.

Europe is a powerhouse of innovation, job creation and connectivity. But clouds of uncertainty hang over the continent. The legacy of the global financial crisis lingers as the eurozone struggles to survive. The influx of refugees and economic migrants has fuelled the debate on migration. Terrorism has led to demands for stricter border controls and a more co-ordinated security strategy. In the midst of these challenges, the UK’s status as an EU member state hangs in the balance. Attend the FT Future of Europe Summit to hear a range of views from thought leaders in business and government on how to address these challenges.

Speakers included:

Oussama Ammar, co-founder, TheFamily

Lady Barbara Judge, chair, Institute of Directors

Lionel Barber, editor, Financial Times

Emma Bonino, former minister of foreign affairs, Italy

Peter Chase, vice president, Europe, US Chamber of Commerce

Elizabeth Collett, director, Migration Policy Institute Europe

David Goodhart, director, Integration Hub and head of demography, Immigration and Integration Unit, Policy Exchange

Charles Grant, director, Centre for European Reform 

Gerard Lyons, chief economic advisor, Mayor of London’s Office

Emmanuel Macron, French minister for the economy, industry and digital affairs

Juergen Maier, UK chief executive, Siemens

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, president, New Democracy

Helena Morrissey, chief executive officer, Newton Investment Management

Geoff Mulgan, chief executive, Nesta

Benoît Potier, chairman and chief executive Officer, Air Liquide

Radosław Sikorski, senior fellow, Center for European Studies, Harvard University

Jeremy Shapiro, director of research, European Council on Foreign Relations

Sven Smit, director, McKinsey & Company

Peter Sunderland, special representative of the secretary general for migration and development, United Nations


Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, Paris bureau chief, Financial Times

Sarah Gordon, business editor, Financial Times

Roula Khalaf, deputy editor, Financial Times

George Parker, political editor, Financial Times

Quentin Peel, commentator, Financial Times

Peter Spiegel, Brussels bureau chief, Financial Times

John Thornhill, innovation editor, Financial Times

Further information on this event can be found here.