Brexit revelation: Trade expert exposes Boris Johnson's brutal threat to Brussels

Press quote (Express)
07 September 2020

Commenting today, Sam Lowe, senior researcher for the Centre for European Reform revealed the UK is not attempting to “renege” on the agreement.

Although he claimed the UK is not attempting to “renege” on the agreement, he said it is also a "risky" approach.

He said: “UK isn’t attempting to renege on Withdrawal Agreement commitments, rather it is attempting to increase its leverage over EU in discussions on how it should be implemented and interpreted by cementing UK view in domestic legislation. 

“So limits on scope of EU state aid rules; removes need for exit summary declaration on NI to GB trade, and UK view on when/how tariffs applied to goods traded from the GB to NI. 

“Issues can be resolved as part of trade deal/in joint committee.

“But it’s a risky approach, for sure.”