Cooper BLASTS Theresa May's handling of Brexit - 'Worst kind of chaos and brinkmanship'

Press quote (The Express)
11 March 2019

In a speech at the Centre for European Reform (CER) Ms Cooper said: “What has the Prime Minister been doing for eight weeks? “Even if by magic, the Attorney General comes up with something to add at the last minute we will have barely hours to consider it before we are supposed to vote.

She added: “We have no idea what kind of Brexit we are going to get. In just over two weeks' time.

“Businesses don't know if they will face tariffs. Public services don't know if they will face shortages. Families don't know if food prices will go up.

“How can anyone plan?”

Ms Cooper also accused the Prime Minister of retreating into her bunker instead of seeking consensus, and of allowing Brexit hardliners in the Tory European Research Group to "hijack the Government and hijack the country".