EU expert reveals what Emmanuel Macron REALLY hopes to ACHIEVE with his EU ARMY

Press quote (The Express)
Sophia Besch
12 February 2019

European army expert and researcher for the Centre for European Reform Sophia Besch explained that French President Emmanuel Macron wishes to create a more unified Europe that does not rely so heavily on the US. During an interview with, the researcher revealed Mr Macron wants Europe to be better prepared for European military threats and believes an EU army would allow him to achieve that. The EU army expert said: “I think for Emmanuel Macron the idea is meant to inspire, it is part of his pro-EU platform.

“Macron has been very involved in concentrating European defence integration.

“This is an important initiative that he thought was in a way European intervention initiative

“In which the UK is also involved outside of EU structures.

“It is meant to create a more shared understanding of the threats that Europeans face.

“So that is an important set of issues for him.

“I think there was some misunderstanding around the way that he used the term in his speech.

“I think what he was trying to get at was that there should be a Europe that does more by itself rather than depending so heavily on the US.