REVEALED: What President Macron REALLY means when he says he wants an EU ARMY

Press quote (The Express)
Sophia Besch
24 January 2019

European army expert and researcher for the Centre for European Reform Sophia Besch says the 'European army' was initially coined as an umbrella term for progress on EU defence co-operation. However she has noted that the misuse of the term has been causing considerable problems. An EU army would fundamentally deploy military personal jointly and this has proven to be the most worrying aspect of its formation in addition to overlapping NATO. However European leaders Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel have continued to use the term despite the tensions it raises by those who do not wish to witness or be a part of a European army.

Sophia Besch told “It is a fundamental question on whether you think visions are more helpful or harmful.

“I tend to think that in this case that the vision is more harmful because people interpret it in so many different ways.

“And these ways that are not always constructive to the effort that is currently undergoing.

“Whereas Macron clearly thinks that it is helpful to just gather general enthusiasm for EU defence.

“Without looking too much at the details of what an EU army would specifically imply.”