Sturgeon publishes Brexit impact report saying staying in single market best option - Politics live

Press quote (The Guardian)
15 January 2018

Samuel Lowe from the Centre for European Reform think-tank has posted an interesting thread on the single market on Twitter. It starts here.

Samuel Lowe: A truck crosses a border carrying meat without need for customs or safety checks. The driver doesn't need a visa. The truck company is allowed to operate in both countries. There's a reason the single market and customs union exist and look the way they do.

What makes it worth noting is that it has been endorsed by Sabine Weyand, deputy to Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator. Commenting on it, she posted this.

Sabine Wayand: This thread is well worth the read . And no, this is not just about the Customs Union, it is also about the regulatory standards of the Single Market (e.g. sanitary and phytosanitary standards) that are checked at the border/by customs authorities.