CER podcast: Five questions on the economic implications of a Brexit for the EU

Sophia Besch, Simon Tilford
13 May 2016

In the second episode of a series of podcasts on the implications of a Brexit for the EU, Sophia Besch talks to CER's deputy director Simon Tilford.

Besch asks:

1. What effect has the UK had on the EU in terms of economic policy over the last years?

2. As the UK has been a force for liberalisation, do you think that if the UK were to leave that the EU would become more protectionist and less liberal overall?

3. In case of a British exit, how likely is it that the UK would get a good deal in terms of accessing the single market?

4. Some say because the UK would be the first country to ever leave the EU they might actually be able to negotiate a more favourable deal, to get some sort of exception, would you agree?

5. Specifically on financial services, what would be the consequences of a Brexit at EU-level and what would be the repercussions for Britain and the dominance of the City of London?

This series of podcasts refers to the recent policy brief 'Europe after Brexit: Unleashed or undone?', which can be read here.

Next week's podcast: Five questions on the implactions of Brexit on justice and home affairs policy with Camino Mortera-Martinez.

Music by Edward Hipkins.