CER podcast series: How to save the EU

Sophia Besch, Christian Odendahl, Anand Menon, Yascha Mounk, Heather Grabbe, Constanze Stelzenmüller, Catherine Mann, Barry Eichengreen
22 November 2017

In November, the CER took more than 50 of Europe's top economists and political commentators to Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire for a conference on ‘How to save the EU'. This CER podcast series offers an insight into the discussions of that weekend.

How to save the EU, Episode 1: Who is opposed to the EU and why?
Anand Menon, Director at The UK in a Changing Europe, and Yascha Mounk, Executive Director at Renewing the Centre, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change discuss different strands of Euroscepticism, how to create an EU voice, and why they think Emmanuel Macron might not be it. 

How to save the EU, Episode 2: What does the illiberal backlash in its newer members mean for the EU?
Heather Grabbe, Director at the Open Society European Policy Institute, and Constanze Stelzenmüller, Robert Bosch Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution discuss the backlash against liberal norms in Central and Eastern Europe, propose suggestions for what the EU can do about it, and assess the value of a ‘flexible’ Europe for the EU’s newer members.

How to save the EU, Episode 3: Is the EU still the answer to globalisation?
Catherine Mann, Chief Economist & G20 Finance Deputy at the OECD, Barry Eichengreen, Professor at the University of California, Berkeley and Christian Odendahl, Chief Economist at the CER discuss whether it is possible that the EU’s combination of intensive market integration combined with action against social and environmental dumping and tax competition provides the best hope of reconciling globalisation with national politics.

Music by Edward Hipkins.