CER podcast: Water scarcity: Libya's forgotten issue

Megan Ferrando, Malak Altaeb
22 April 2022

In this week's CER podcast, our 2021-22 Clara Marina O'Donnell fellow Megan Ferrando spoke to Malak Altaeb, an environmental consultant and writer based in Paris. Megan recently published a CER paper about water insecurity in the Maghreb, and in this episode with Malak, takes a close look at the situation in Libya in particular. They discuss how the water landscape changed after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the extent of the problem today, and what international actors like the EU can do to help.


02:02 - Why water security should be higher up the political agenda

05:32 - The link between water and politics in Libya

08:00 - Libya's great man made river project

14:21 - Water scarcity in Libyans' daily life

18:01 - The challenge of long-term solutions in an unstable context

22:06 - What the EU and the international community can do

Produced by Rosie Giorgi

Music by Edward Hipkins

Music by Edward Hipkins.