Bulletin 16

Issue 16 - 2001

Space policy

Opening Europe's final frontier

Carl Bildt
01 February 2001
The European Union must make space policy a key element of its agenda in the next few years. Otherwise it will have little chance of meeting its ambitious objectives for peace and prosperity in the coming decades.

Until recently, space policy was generally viewed either as an exercise in...
Lisbon strategy

Making Lisbon work in Stockholm

Alasdair Murray
01 February 2001
Even by the standards of the EU's often optimistic policy aspirations, the decade-long economic reform process initiated at the Lisbon summit last March represents an ambitious programme.

The distinctive feature of the Lisbon conclusions is not the pledge of EU leaders to create "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge...
Turning East

Turning East: Europe Courts Asia

Edward Bannerman
01 February 2001
The United States has long cast its shadow over the formal meetings of Asian and European ministers. "How will this play in Washington?" was the unspoken caveat to the normally unexciting conclusions of most Asian-Europe Meetings (ASEM).

The January ASEM gathering of finance ministers in Kobe, Japan, suggests that this...
26 January 2001
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Edward Bannerman, Carl Bildt, Alasdair Murray