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Issue 21 - 2001


NATO's big bang

Andrew Cottey
03 December 2001
In 2002 NATO has a rare opportunity to enhance stability in Eastern Europe and build a new relationship with Russia. At the Prague summit in November, the alliance should offer membership to seven countries - Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Such a 'Big Bang' would consolidate pro-western democratic...
EU presidency

Time to abolish the EU's rotating presidency

Steven Everts
03 December 2001
The EU performance in foreign policy in the aftermath of September 11th has been underwhelming. European leaders have maintained unity on the substance of policy - a major step forward compared with the situation a decade ago.

The euro comes of age

Alasdair Murray
03 December 2001
A dozen years after the Delors Committee produced a plan for Economic and Monetary Union, the euro finally becomes a reality for 300 million Europeans this January.
24 November 2000
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Andrew Cottey, Steven Everts, Alasdair Murray