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Issue 22 - 2002

Competition policy

Breaking the EU's competition monopoly

Edward Bannerman
01 February 2002
As the EU's competition chief, Mario Monti can make or break the world's biggest companies. The exercise of his wide-ranging powers is always controversial. Last summer, he blocked the planned 50 billion euro GE-Honeywell merger.

The long road to Doha

Richard Cunningham and Peter Lichtenbaum
01 February 2002
The launch of a new round of multilateral trade negotiations by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) at Doha was not only a major accomplishment, it was a case of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. As recently as six months ago, few would have predicted that the world's trading...

Europe must get on-message

Gareth Harding
01 February 2002
The EU spends 100 million euro each year on its communications budget, yet is demonstrably failing to 'connect' with Europe's 380 million citizens. Recent polls show that less than half of the EU's voters feel that membership of the 15-state club is a 'good thing',while turnout in European Parliament elections...
25 January 2002
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Edward Bannerman, Richard Cunningham, Peter Lichtenbaum, Gareth Harding