Bulletin 26

Issue 26 - 2002

Foreign policy

EU foreign policy: A necessity, not an option

David Hannay
01 October 2002
No one who has lived through the recent weeks of international crisis over Iraq can doubt that making a reality out of Europe's Common Foreign and Security Policy is both one of the highest priorities for the European Union and one of the most difficult tasks it faces.

Time for Mr ESDP?

Daniel Keohane
01 October 2002
The EU's attempt to create a viable defence policy ­ born of Franco British parentage at Saint Malo four years ago ­ has, so far, made only limited progress.
European referendum

The case for a Europe-wide referendum

Steven Everts
01 October 2002
It is time for pro-Europeans to face up to the uncomfortable truth that the EU has a serious legitimacy problem. The anti-Europeans' most persuasive claim is that the EU is an elite project over which 'the people' have virtually no influence.
27 September 2002
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Steven Everts, David Hannay, Daniel Keohane