Bulletin 32

Issue 32 - 2003

If it's broken, fix it!

If it's broken, fix it!

Katinka Barysch
01 October 2003
Europeans are right to worry about their economy. Forecasters think that the eurozone economy will grow by a paltry 0.5 per cent this year. But the real problem is that Europe's sluggish performance is part of a long-term trend.

A clean break for Europe

Nick Butler
01 October 2003
Europe needs to change. Those who constantly have to defend the concept of Europe against ill-informed criticism can easily slip into a defensive mode. But if we are serious about reform, we need to be on the front foot.

The EU must be tougher and more creative on Iran

Steven Everts
01 October 2003
Iran is a test case for EU foreign policy. After the Iraq debacle, the EU faces a daunting challenge. The Union must demonstrate it can stay united under pressure; act tough when necessary; and persuade Washington to adjust its overall strategy.
Tensions between Tehran and the West have risen markedly in...
26 September 2003
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Katinka Barysch, Nick Butler, Steven Everts