Bulletin issue 65

Issue 65 - 2009

Financial crisis

Europe's flagging response to the financial crisis

Philip Whyte
01 April 2009
Since the 1980s, many of the largest economies in the EU have developed unenviable reputations for protracted economic downturns followed by sluggish recoveries.

Carbon price collapse threatens the EU's climate agenda

Simon Tilford
01 April 2009
The EU’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) works by capping the output of carbon dioxide and then distributing allowances to emit the gas to large energy users.
Euro notes

In the name of EU solidarity

Katinka Barysch
01 April 2009
Is a new iron curtain threatening to divide the European Union? Hungary’s prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, raised the spectre last month, when he warned that the eastern members were descending into economic mayhem while the richer EU countries were looking on unsympathetically.
27 March 2009
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Katinka Barysch, Philip Whyte, Simon Tilford