Brexiters nowhere to be seen as UK raises white flag over EU divorce bill

Press quote (The Guardian)
29 November 2017

Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, said he believed Britain had little realistic choice but to cave in on money, citizens’ rights and the Irish border if it wanted to get to phase two talks on trade. “It is dressed up as a negotiation, but it’s really been a story of the British taking time to realise that they have got to accept what the EU demands of them,” he said. “The EU is intelligent enough not to pursue this in a humiliating way, but the truth is that we have to accept.”...Grant said: “The final outcome was predetermined by Britain’s red lines. Departing the EU has turned out to be very much like accession. It’s called a negotiation, but that is a way of trying to be polite.

“The truth is if you want to join, you join on their terms. You can quibble about the details, but the broad lines are decided by the EU and dressed up as a negotiation. Similarly, when you leave the EU, once you declare your red lines, the ECJ and free movement being two important ones, then the range of opportunities for the future relationship are very limited.”