Europe split on Nord Stream 2 pipeline as US warns against dependence on Russian gas

Press quote (Voice of America)
08 March 2018

Many Eastern European states also question whether the new pipeline will benefit them economically, says Noah Gordon, analyst at the Centre for European Reform, a London-based research group. “There could be bottlenecks through central Europe and Eastern Europe, and those places could see prices rise and they might be more exposed to a Russian political gas cutoff. Ukraine would lose about $2 billion a year in transit fees.”...“The goal is a resilient gas market where gas flows freely across borders,” Gordon said. “For two years, Ukraine hasn’t bought any gas from Russia. Instead they buy gas, Russian gas usually, indirectly from European traders like Germany, like the Dutch. So if the European gas market was in a strong enough state and if Europe was more energy efficient and used less gas, Russian or otherwise, Russia wouldn’t be able to meddle or use gas as a weapon ever again.”