European Commission recommends ‘No’ for Lugano as Brexit fallout intensifies

Press quote (The Parliament Magazine)
05 August 2021

Some observers believe that the Single Market aspect, while genuine, is not the main reason for the Commission’s stance. In a recent blog, Zach Meyers and Camino Mortera-Martinez of the Centre for European Reform (CER) think tank argue that, “A more likely explanation for the Commission’s reticence to allow the UK to re-join the convention is that Britain remains a difficult partner for the EU on a range of issues, not least in honouring its own word.”

The pair continue, “EU officials remain understandably wary of the UK government’s perceived willingness to pick fights with the EU to boost its domestic popularity. The continuing row over the Northern Ireland protocol, which the UK government signed at the beginning of last year, has dampened relations with both EU governments and the EU institutions.”

Meyers and Mortera-Martinez however, do call for both sides to try and overcome these issues for the benefit of their citizens:

“Rather than bicker about providing more business for British lawyers, the EU and UK ought to cooperate to protect their nationals - such as those dealing with cross-border family law and employment disputes - who will be hardest hit by these changes.”