High expectations behind admonishment

Press quote (People's Daily)
11 February 2010

Jacques Delors, a three-term, ex-president of the European Commission (EC), said recently that the European Union (EU) would face a tough "choice" in the next few years, while Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, was more straightforward saying that Europe could possibly "fall apart" ['Is Europe doomed to fail as a power?' by Charles Grant, July 2009]. Their remarks have are in immense contrast compared to the elation brought by the entry into force of the "Lisbon Treaty"... With the introduction of a unified relief package, however, the economic situation in EU soon turned for the better, and noticeable outcome was attained through joint rescue efforts of its member nations. As Charles Grant put it, the global economic and financial crisis actually highlights the advantages of the EU organization... The above-mentioned remarks of Jacques Delors and Charles Grant have, nevertheless, indicated all the more a desire to deepen and carry forward the integration, so as to cope with the present difficulties.