Jeremy Corbyn apologises to Labour MPs for defeat 'for which I take responsibility' – as it happened

Press quote (The Guardian)
Sam Lowe, Charles Grant
17 December 2019

Experts from the Centre for European Reform think-tank have been giving interviews today about the government’s decision to rule out an extension to the Brexit transition period. Sam Lowe, a trade specialist at the CER, described it as “domestic virtue signalling”.

"Johnson is introducing this bill to give himself a firm deadline, but he has a big majority and he could easily introduce a later could call it domestic virtue signalling", Sam Lowe told the Today Programme. 

And Charles Grant, the CER’s director, said that if Boris Johnson refuses to be bound by EU regulations, getting a trade deal will become much more complicated. "If Boris Johnson doesn’t want to follow EU rules then the EU is going to say: you can’t have a simple off-the-shelf Canada-type trade agreement, and it will take much longer, and we will put tariffs on you. So he is in a bit of a fix” Charles Grant told LBC.