Liz Truss heads to first summit of new club of nations

Press quote (BBC News)
05 October 2022

It might prove to be a "modest" turning point in EU-UK relations, says the director of the Centre for European Reform, Charles Grant. While a row about post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland remains unresolved, talks are restarting this week. "Neither side is trying to push that issue to the brink at the moment," says Mr Grant. "So this summit could be a sign of a modest rapprochement."

"One of the measures of success will be does it persuade Serbia, Azerbaijan and Turkey to lean a bit more to the West and less towards Russia?" says Mr Grant.

Turkey's talked of a "balanced" approach to Russia and hasn't signed up to Western sanctions.

"When first proposed by Macron, the EPC was supposed to be club with shared democratic values but it's now more about making sure Europe as a whole isn't Russia's friend," says Mr Grant.