Ukrainians living in Great Britain vote as experts analyze choices

Press quote (Kyiv Post)
01 April 2019

Ian Bond, a foreign policy director at the Centre for European Reform, said: “Zelenskiy has no experience in any description in politics rather than on screen,” he said, referencing to the TV series, Servant of the People, where Zelenskiy plays the president of Ukraine. “The big concern is that he may turn out to be just a front for Kolomoisky and Kolomoisky does not have a good reputation.”
He suggested that the West have a temptation to think in a way “you would better dealing with the devil you know, as the English are saying. That is not to imply that Poroshenko is the devil, it is just a say.”

“I suspect that in their heart of hearts, many Western politicians and officials who follow events in Ukraine would wish that somehow Ukraine had managed to come up with a better set of leading candidates for this election,” Bond said.