CER podcast: Europe needs a new approach to the Sahel

Katherine Pye, Ian Bond, Abdoul Salam Bello
09 April 2021

In this week's CER podcast, Ian Bond, our Director of Foreign Policy, speaks to Abdoul Salam Bello, Alternate Executive Director at the World Bank and non-resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council's Africa Centre, and our 2020-21 Clara Marina O'Donnell fellow, Katherine Pye about the situation in the Sahel region of Africa. Katherine recently published a CER policy brief, 'The Sahel: Europe's forever war?', which considered the escalating conflict there and Europe's involvement in it. This podcast episode expands on her paper, and she and Abdoul Salam discuss the issues driving the various conflicts and what national and global institutions can do to address them.

Music by Edward Hipkins.