CER podcast: Five questions on the implications of a Brexit for the EU

Ian Bond, Sophia Besch
04 May 2016

In the first of a series of podcasts on the implications of a Brexit for the EU, Sophia Besch talks to CER's director of foreign policy Ian Bond.

Besch asks:

1. Will the EU be different without the UK and if so why should we care?

2. In your opinion would member-states take advantage of the UK's departure and build a European superstate?

3. How would you evaluate the UK's influence on EU foreign policy in the past and how would EU foreign policy priorities change without the UK?

4. Both sides in the Brexit debate have been accused of scare-mongering when they talk about the impact of Brexit or ‘Bremain’ on the UK’s national security. Whose scare tactics are more justified?

5. Could Brexit have an affect on the domestic politics in other member-states?

This series of podcasts refers to the recent policy brief 'Europe after Brexit: Unleashed or undone?', which can be read here.

Next week's podcast: Five questions on the implactions of Brexit on EU institutions with Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska.

Music by Edward Hipkins.