CER podcast: The Russia-Ukraine crisis as seen from Kyiv and Paris

Ian Bond, Khrystyna Parandii, Marie Dumoulin
16 February 2022

In this week's CER podcast on the Russia-Ukraine crisis, our foreign policy director Ian Bond is joined by Marie Dumoulin, a former French diplomat who now heads the Wider Europe programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations, and our former colleague Khrystyna Parandii, a political analyst in Kyiv and a Ukrainian citizen, who was the CER's Clara Marina O'Donnell fellow from 2019-20.

While it is not clear whether Russia is really withdrawing troops or if an invasion of Ukraine is still imminent, Ian, Khrystyna and Marie discuss the mood in Kyiv and the Ukrainian government’s approach to the crisis; they consider French and German shuttle diplomacy with Ukraine and Russia; and they look at Ukraine’s relations with NATO and the EU.


02:06 - The perception of the crisis from Ukraine

06:07 - Macron’s relationship with Putin and Zelensky

08:15 - France and Germany’s approach - ‘good cop, bad cop’?

11:25 - Ukraine and NATO: Ukraine’s membership perspective

15:18 - The role of the EU as an institution in the crisis

20:55 - The EU’s role vs. NATO’s

24:45 - Where the crisis could go next

27:10 - Next steps for EU diplomacy

Music by Edward Hipkins.