CER/OSEPI podcast: How should the EU tackle corruption?

05 August 2021

For this week's podcast episode, we have teamed up with the Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI). One of our senior research fellows, Camino Mortera-Martinez, recently published a paper about how the EU can fight corruption and uphold the rule of law within its borders. We held an event last month to mark the launch of Camino's report, where Katalin Cseh MEP, Carl Dolan of OSEPI and Transparency International's Michiel van Hulten joined us to discuss how the pandemic has changed the nature of corruption within the EU, and what the EU can do to fight it more generally. In the first half of this podcast, Camino considers what the speakers said at the event and then in the second half Carl joins her for a discussion.

Music by Edward Hipkins.