Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska

Senior research fellow (Based in Brussels) - On maternity leave
Areas of expertise 

EU institutional architecture, EU decision making process, Economic and Monetary Union, Polish European policy, the UK's relationship with the EU, Rule of law and the ‘future of Europe’ debate.


Tok FM: David Cameron zabiega o poparcie dla reformy UE

08 January 2016
David Cameron zabiega o poparcie dla reformy UE. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

Tok FM: Odcinek audycji 'Połączenie'

10 November 2015
UE według Davida Camerona. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

What does the parliamentary election in Poland mean for David Cameron and his reform plans?

UK in a changing Europe
03 November 2015
On 25 October, Poles ousted the centre-right coalition government of Civic Platform and the Polish Peasant Party that had been in power for eight years. Law and Justice, which won the electoral race, share many of the concerns of the British government about the current balance of power between member-states and EU institutions.

Londyn nie zastąpi Berlina

26 October 2015
Nowy polski rząd będzie twardo bronił praw socjalnych polskich imigrantów w Wielkiej Brytanii – uważa ekspertka Agata Gostyńska z Center for European Reform (CER) w Londynie.

Poland: Warsaw's stance will remain uncertain until after the October elections

Transatlantic relations
30 September 2015
Poles will vote in parliamentary elections on 25 October. The Civic Platform party has been in a governing coalition with the Polish Peasant Party for the last eight years.

Judy Asks: Is this Europe's time for political union?

Carnegie Europe
02 September 2015
There is no better time for a debate about political union than in the midst of a crisis. European crises reveal flaws in the way the EU works and provoke questions about whether the solution is more or less Europe.

Cameron's renegotiation plans: The view from Warsaw

The Huffington Post
13 August 2015
After ignoring Warsaw during his first term, David Cameron rushed to Poland immediately after his re-election in May, hoping to get the country on board his renegotiation package.

Britain’s Eurosceptic ground zero

21 July 2015
The House of Commons doesn't even take full advantage of the powers it already has.

Wake up, Westminster! Why MPs should pay more attention to the EU

British Influence
17 July 2015
In his famous Bloomberg speech of January 2013, offering British voters a referendum on EU membership, David Cameron promised to strengthen the role of national parliaments in the EU. But are British parliamentarians up to the task? The Commons’ limited interest in European business suggest not.
The British parliament has been...
Video on: Westminster's scrutiny of European affairs

Video on: Westminster's scrutiny of European affairs

15 July 2015
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska discusses her most recent CER publication 'A ten-point plan to strengthen Westminster's oversight of EU policy'.
See her publication here.