Camino Mortera-Martinez

Camino Mortera-Martinez

Head of the Brussels office
Areas of expertise 

EU law, EU politics and institutions and EU justice and home affairs.

Refugee crisis

Europe’s refugee crisis: Chronicle of a death foretold

08 September 2015
To solve the refugee crisis, the EU should adopt a strategy that combines foreign policy and integration schemes. It should also reform its asylum law.
Legal options

Thomas Cromwell or the executioner's axe? Options for a Grexit

10 July 2015
EU lawyers are working to find a creative way to accommodate a Grexit if it becomes inevitable. None of the options are legally watertight or desirable.
EU security measures

Know your enemy: How to break the EU’s gridlock on security measures

03 June 2015
If the EU wants to tackle the threat of terrorism effectively, MEPs should be given adequate access to confidential information.
EU migrants

Dead in the water: Fixing the EU’s failed approach to Mediterranean migrants

23 April 2015
The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean forces the EU to act. It should reform its asylum policy and take action in Libya, not resort to half measures.
No, we can't: Why Podemos is not Syriza

No, we can't: Why Podemos is not Syriza

20 February 2015
It is unlikely that Podemos will win Spain’s general elections. Podemos advocates for a reformed EU but will not be confrontational with the European institutions.

After Paris: What’s next for the EU’s counter-terrorism policy?

27 January 2015
After the Paris shootings, the EU should focus on advancing its already-agreed counter-terrorism agenda, while ensuring a fair balance between privacy and security.
Cameron's migration speech

Cameron's migration speech and EU law: Can he change the status quo?

04 December 2014
The reforms to the benefits system proposed by Cameron will be difficult to negotiate and may require treaty change. Reforms should not lead to a Brexit.
How free is free movement?

Free movement: Why Britain does not need to change the rules

27 November 2014
Free movement is good for Britain’s economy. Britain will struggle making the case for reform.
The European arrest warrant: A British affair

The European arrest warrant: A British affair

07 November 2014
The EAW is necessary for ensuring Britain’s security. Reforming the system would address existing flaws.