Sam Lowe

Sam Lowe

Senior research fellow
Areas of expertise 

International trade, European trade policy, rules of origin, the single market, Brexit, environmental co-operation, investor-state dispute settlement.


The post-Brexit trials and tribulations of the touring musical troupe

12 January 2021
The newly signed EU-UK trade and co-operation agreement (TCA) conditionally removes tariffs and quotas, but otherwise does little to minimise regulatory barriers to trade or facilitate trade in services.

The Brexit deal is being celebrated as though it removes all tariffs. It doesn’t

08 January 2021
The newly signed EU-UK trade and co-operation agreement (TCA) does little to remove bureaucracy at the border, or facilitate trade in services, but it does at least remove all tariffs and quotas, right?

Parliament: Future Relationship with the European Union Committee

06 January 2021
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform gave evidence on the progress of the negotiations on the UK's future relationship with the EU.

Trade Talks: What’s in the new EU-UK trade deal? Brexperts explain

03 January 2021
The EU and UK announce their long-awaited trade agreement formalizing Brexit. What is covered, and what is still to be negotiated. Featuring Alan Beattie (Financial Times), Emily Rees and David Henig (European Centre for International Political Economy), Sam Lowe (Centre for European Reform), Anna Jerzewska (, and Anand Menon (UK in a Changing Europe).

Bloomberg: Brexit marks rupture but issues won't disappear: Lowe

30 December 2020
In this week's episode of The Brussels Edition we look into the details of the Brexit trade deal after a last minute accord avoided a hard exit. While the deal does mark a point of rupture, it leaves details hanging that could cloud the City of London's outlook and keep both sides locked in talks for years to come as the deal gets implemented. That's according to Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform. He spoke to Bloomberg's Maria Tadeo in Brussels.

Brexit trade deal means ‘freedom’, but at a cost: The arguments will be far from over

The Observer
27 December 2020
The UK may have won the power to diverge from EU rules, but the new relationship will be one of constant renegotiation.

FT Podcast Payne's Politics: Time running out for Brexit trade deal

12 December 2020
With negotiations on a Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU stalled again, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning of a no-deal outcome, can the process be salvaged? Plus, with the Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland resolved this week in a new protocol, has the threat of a...

Politico Playbook interview: Sam Lowe

Politico London Playbook
11 December 2020
The Centre for European Reform’s senior research fellow Sam Lowe made the (relative) case for optimism about the UK and EU’s ability to reach a deal all the way back in March.

Brexit and trade: Implications for Wales

House of Commons
11 December 2020
In his evidence to our inquiry, Sam Lowe, Centre for European Reform, also emphasised the importance of a trade agreement with the EU, in particular for agriculture, as high tariffs would apply to beef, lamb and other areas if trading with the EU on WTO terms: We just have to be blunt about it.

Times Radio: Irish border

08 December 2020
Sam Lowe spoke to Jon Pienaar about why he's hopeful the tone of UK-EU talks will change now the Irish border management question seems to be settling down.