Simon Tilford

Areas of expertise 

Britain and Europe, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy, labour and social policy, competition, innovation, environmental economics and demographics.


Simon Tilford was deputy director of the Centre for European Reform until December 2017. Simon works on the political economy of the eurozone, fiscal and monetary policy, supply-side reforms in the EU, innovation policy, competition policy, social inequality, environmental economics, Germany and the UK.

Simon previously worked as an economist and consultant at the Economist Intelligence Unit in London, and before that was an international economist at Nomura International. He has acted as an advisor to the European Commission, several EU governments and central banks, the House of Lords, and various financial institutions, multinationals and business federations.

He has published opinion pieces in numerous newspapers, including the Financial Times, the International New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Les Echos, Il Sole 24, The Guardian, and regularly comments on European developments in the media.

Simon Tilford can be followed on twitter at @SimonTilford

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