Sophia Besch

Sophia Besch

Senior research fellow (Based in Berlin)
Areas of expertise 

EU Common Security and Defence Policy, European defence industry integration, NATO, German security and defence policy

Make German politics interesting again

Make German politics interesting again

18 August 2017
Merkel is disarming the SPD, which is too cautious to promise real change, while Die Linke’s radicalism is poisoning the SPD’s only possible route to power.
What the German elections mean for Europe

What the German elections mean for Europe

20 July 2017
Germany's next chancellor won't be able to govern alone. A coalition of parties with differing views on Eurozone reform and German military power will shape Berlin's Europe policy after the election.

What future for the European defence fund?

28 June 2017
For the European defence fund to succeed, member-states have to agree how to distribute the money, how to finance joint projects, and which capabilities to develop.
Europe's NATO balancing act

Europe's NATO balancing act

24 May 2017
This week in Brussels, Europe's leaders must not only convince President Donald Trump of NATO's value, but also push for Europe's NATO priorities.

Playing defence

20 March 2017
The UK’s contributions to European defence will play a role in Brexit negotiations. But both sides should keep the long-term objective of close co-operation in mind.
Berlin to the rescue? A closer look at Germany's position on Brexit

Berlin to the rescue? A closer look at Germany's position on Brexit

17 March 2017
Brexiters hope that Berlin will adopt an accommodating stance in the forthcoming negotiations because of Germany's economic and security interests. Such hopes are misplaced.

EU defence, Brexit and Trump: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

14 December 2016
Brexit and Trump compel European leaders to get serious about EU defence. But a lack of leadership and investment will make sustaining their efforts difficult.

Does 'America First' mean EU defence at last?

22 November 2016
The election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States puts European security at risk.

Security of supply in EU defence: Friends in need?

17 August 2016
In its drive to establish EU-wide security of supply for the defence market, Brussels faces protectionism, a flawed notion of European strategic autonomy and mistrust among governments.
NATO defence spending: Money can't buy you solidarity

NATO defence spending: Money can't buy you solidarity

06 July 2016
NATO allies have halted the trend of decreasing defence budgets. At the Warsaw Summit, they should work to translate spending levels into a stronger military posture for the alliance.