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Stephen Tindale

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Video interview on 'Cleaning the neighbourhood: How the EU can scrub out bad energy policy'

Video interview on 'Cleaning the neighbourhood: How the EU can scrub out bad energy policy'

22 April 2015
Stephen Tindale discusses how the EU should not buy electricity from countries with highly-polluting coal power stations in his most recent policy brief.

Britain can shape EU climate and energy policy

British Influence
15 April 2015
This week EU energy ministers are meeting for a further discussion of the Energy Union, which the Juncker Commission had identified as one of its top priorities. Vice President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič, in charge of the energy union, has published a proposed strategy. This is an area...

EU membership: Is it really ‘Time to Jump’ to a worse alternative?

British Influence
24 February 2015
Stephen Tindale on attending David Campbell Banerman MEP's conference on 'Alternatives to EU membership'.

To protect the environment, the UK must stay in the EU

Mark Avery
20 February 2015
Stephen Tindale writes a guest blog for Mark Avery.

Judy Asks: Has the EU already lost Britain?

Carnegie Europe
26 November 2014
Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

Europe needs policies to halt coal, not more debate on targets

24 October 2014
The European Council has accepted the proposals from the European Commission for a -40 per cent greenhouse gas target, a 27 per cent renewables target and a 27 per cent energy efficiency target.

Finnish Prime Minister calls for ‘more Europe’ on energy and climate policy

British Influence
09 October 2014
Yesterday the CER hosted a speech by Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb on “Smart and cost-effective energy and climate policy”. It was clear from his remarks and the tone of delivery that he strongly wants the UK to remain in the EU.

Could Donald Tusk use EU top job for anti-climate agenda?

Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
29 August 2014
Despite his pro-coal domestic agenda, Polish PM might not be a bad choice for European Council president.

Let's start a European tidal lagoon industry

Energy Post
26 August 2014
A unique, £1 billion plan to build the world’s first tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay in Wales has won strong local support. Stephen Tindale, who is involved in the project, argues that the EU should support it and help create a new European tidal lagoon industry.

"El sector nuclear argentino tiene un impresionante historial económico, medioambiental y de seguridad"

Observatorio de la Energía Tecnología e Infraestructura para el Desarrollo
15 August 2014
Varios países, incluidos los Estados Unidos, China, India, Rusia y algunos países europeos como Francia, Hungría, Polonia y el Reino Unido, están planeando la construcción de nuevas centrales nucleares.